Cry Wolf by J. Black Carson

Cry WolfCry Wolf by J. Black Carson is the fourth book in the “Laura Cardinal” mystery series. Publisher: Breakaway Media, September 2013

Tell me no lies.

Laura and her aspiring-film-director partner, Anthony, catch a homicide case where nothing is as it appears. When pathological liar Sean Perrin is found dead in his car at a trailhead in scenic Madera Canyon, he leaves behind a skein of lies and half-truths that are impossible to untangle. From violent death in a sordid motel room to a high-end prostitution ring in Las Vegas, Laura and Anthony follow Sean’s trail across a landscape of broken dreams and convincing lies—until they confront the true evil behind the mask.

How do you find the one kernel of truth in a series of lies? That’s the task Laura faces while trying to solve the murder in her latest case and it’s that one lie that will open the case wide open. This was a very good read that kept me in suspense from beginning to an end. With a complexity of suspects, the author did a great job in bringing all the pieces together in this fast-paced drama, especially when the killer was revealed because that, I didn’t see coming. I’m so glad Laura Cardinal is back and I hope there are more exciting adventures to come in this terrific series.

2 responses to “Cry Wolf by J. Black Carson

  1. As usual I think I must look for the first one in this series…Dee


  2. Interesting and intriguing, the fact a major character is a pathological liar. I like it.