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My Musing ~ Lowcountry Crime edited by James M. Jackson

Lowcountry Crime by Jonathan M. Bryant, Polly Iyer, James M. Jackson, Tina Whittle, published by Wolf’s Echo Press, February 7, 2017

lowcountry-crimeLowcountry: That portion of the Southeastern United States characterized by low, generally flat country, whether barrier island, tidal marsh, tidal river valleys, swamps. piney forests, or great cities like Charleston and Savannah.

Crime: An act, forbidden by a public law, that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law.

These four novellas capture the unique aspects of Lowcountry with stories incorporating Charleston high life and Savannah low life, island vacations and life on boat. You’ll be treated to thieves doing good and rapscallions doing bad, loves won and loves lost, family relations providing wonderful support and life after divorce.

“Trouble Like A Freight Train Coming” by Tina Whittle
“Last Heist” by Polly Iyer
“Blue Nude” by Jonathan M. Bryant
“Low Tide at Tybee” James M. Jackson

This is a great collection of novellas taking place in low country states where anything can and will happen. All four stories kept me engaged and riveted to the drama unfolding from Tai’s search for her *not-so-dead* cousin; to Paul uncovering a sinister plot; to Brad becoming entangled with artwork (felt sorry for him at the end) and to Seamus and the condo. This is a tantalizing taste of the low country and I look forward to reading more stories from these terrific authors.

FTC Full Disclosure – I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from the author.