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A day in the life of Matthew Tugood by Kelle Z. Riley

Official Personnel Report
Sci-Spy Covert Operations
Special Projects Division
Re: Matthew Tugood

You want me to describe a typical day in my life? Is that before or after I met Dr. Bree Mayfield-Watson?

Before—long before—my covert intelligence operations were mostly classified. I don’t talk about them. I worked for [INFORMATION REDACTED]. Unlike in thrillers, being a spy is mostly boring—as in sorting through financial statements to look for discrepancies. It’s also sordid—as in digging through the life of people you meet to try to find ways to influence them. Occasionally, it’s messy—as in—[INFORMATION REDACTED]. Details available in my report on [INFORMATION REDACTED]. It’s always dangerous. But it’s also necessary. And I’m good at it.

Except for my last official mission, when my cover was blown and the terrorist cell known as [INFORMATION REDACTED] slipped through my fingers.

Which brings me to Bree Watson. I left the agency and continued—unofficially—to keep tabs on the terrorist cells. This entailed working at Chemical Industries Corporation (CIC), where I met Bree. She thought I was an annoying marketing manager. And I thought she was. . . someone who made me wish I hadn’t included a wife in my cover story.

Since meeting Bree, nothing has gone according to plan. My plan was to investigate CIC and, depending on what I found, to help a rival purchase the small company. Instead I ended up in the middle of a murder investigation, with Bree as a prime suspect.

I intended to keep my emotions out of it. But if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s to watch an innocent person suffer for a crime she didn’t commit. And every instinct I had (plus a few discreetly planted listening devices) convinced me Bree was innocent.

Innocent and determined to prove it by investigating the murder herself. Now I was not only investigating possible financial crimes, I was trying to solve a murder and keep a too-nosey-for-her-own-good chemist out of danger.

Still, from the beginning of the murder investigation, Bree impressed me with her intelligence, dogged persistence, and methodical mind. As I watched her investigate, I became convinced she’d be a perfect candidate for helping me crack into the terrorist cell again. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I recruited her to join my team.

Together, using the chemical company as a cover for our covert operations, we are back on the trail of the terrorist cell. And some other national security threats.

Now if only Bree would stop finding dead bodies when I send her undercover. . .

And if the lovesick local PD Detective would stop trying to convince her to quit my team. . .

But that’s a topic for another report.

Matthew Tugood
Covert Intelligence Operative
Leader, Special Projects Division

For more on Bree, her adventures and “the lovesick local PD Detective” visit his October 9, 2017 post on Killer Characters

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You can read more about Matthew in Shaken, Not Purred, the second book in the “Undercover Cat” mystery series.

Bree Watson traded her lab coat for a trench coat, expecting the life of a spy to be fun. But when a body turns up on her undercover mission, she’s forced to handle:

  • A murdered woman with more enemies than meets the eye
  • A hunky handler posing as her fake boyfriend
  • A sexy detective bent on wooing her – and wooing her away from espionage
  • A drop-out drug dog with a nose for trouble
  • Her cranky cat, curious coworkers, a cupcake challenge she can’t resist, and too many secrets, lies and cover identities to keep straight. . .

In the whirlwind of investigations and undercover operations, Bree develops a serious identity crisis. Who is she really? A spy pretending to be a chemist? Or a chemist playing at being a spy?

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About the author
Kelle Z. Riley, writer, speaker, Ph.D. chemist and safety/martial arts expert has been featured in public forums that range from local Newspapers to National television. Her work was featured in the April 2014 “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias.” Her other publications include a romantic suspense (Dangerous Affairs), multiple short stories, a self-published memoire in honor of her father, and her debut mystery series featuring a scientist-turned-amateur-sleuth. A former Golden Heart Finalist, Kelle resides in Chattanooga, TN. She is the past program chair for the Chattanooga Writer’s Guild as well as a self-defense instructor, a Master Gardener Intern and a full-time chemist with numerous professional publications and U. S. patents. Kelle can be reached on Facebook.

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A Day in the Life with Dr. Watson by Kelle Z. Riley

the-cupcake-caperWell, I see they’ve gotten my name wrong. It’s not Watson, it’s Mayfield-Watson. (My parents are to blame for that one!) And while my Ph.D. in chemistry technically makes me a doctor, I rarely use the title. Honestly, just call me Bree.

All-in-all, I’m pretty average, except that I’m trying to make it in a male dominated field. So far, I haven’t made time for stuff like boyfriends—despite grandma’s prodding—or much of a social life. Heck, until recently I couldn’t even commit to a pet.

But more on that later. You wanted to know what my typical day is like. . . The answer depends—do you mean before I discovered my boss’s dead body? Or after?

Not too long ago, I was perfectly happy in my lab doing research. A typical day in the lab has a lot more in common with a 5th grade science project than an episode of CSI or a Bones rerun. Remember creating volcanos out of baking soda and vinegar? Research is like that. Except to find how to make the best volcano, I’d test different conditions—such as the ratio of baking soda to vinegar—while I measured each to determine the volume and speed of the “lava” flow. Then I’d repeat the experiments at several different temperatures. And with different brands of baking soda and vinegar. After twenty or even fifty measurements, I’d analyze the results to determine the best volcano conditions. Science was a perfect puzzle for an introvert like me.

Over the years, I’ve used science to help customers do everything from milling paper to producing canned vegetables. I’ve learned a little about a lot of things—which would make for good small talk at cocktail parties, if I were the party type. But I’m not. Like I said, I’m an introvert, with limited social skills to boot.

I prefer staying in and figuring out the science behind how things work—especially when it comes to cooking. My favorite experiments involve baking. Cupcakes. brownies, bread, cookies—I’ve put my twist on dozens of recipes. Recently, some of my lab friends challenged me to make a “periodic table of cupcakes” and I’m working my way through the combinations whenever I need to relax.

Since the day I discovered my boss dead in his office, I’ve needed to relax a lot.

After I discovered the body, two things happened: (1) the company temporarily promoted me to fill his role and (2) the police accused me of killing him. Or was it the other way around? Either way, my typical days flew out the window. The new normal consisted of pretending to do research while subtly trying to figure out who wanted the boss dead (turns out he had a lot of enemies), and how they managed to slip him poison from my lab.

I’m also fending off more attention from potential boyfriends than I have since. . . well, ever. To say my life has changed is an understatement.

catI look forward to quiet nights of baking for relaxation and curling up with my adopted cat, Sherlock. To be honest, I didn’t plan to get a pet. Sherlock had belonged to my boss and, even though I wasn’t a cat person at the time, I couldn’t let him go to the pound. Now I can’t imagine life without him. His contented purr sooths me after a long day of interviewing suspects. For a woman who doesn’t frequent cocktail parties, I made a lot of small talk as I tried to unravel the hows and whys behind the boss’s murder. Maybe I’m not so inept at the social interactions as I’d always thought.

Eventually, the killer was caught and everything was sorted out. But things didn’t go back to normal. It turns out my skill at solving crimes attracted the attention of some pretty interesting people. I’ve been offered a new job and I’m still weighing the pros and cons. But either way, my definition of a typical day is about to change again.

So come back in a month and ask me what a typical day is like. The answers might surprise you.

The Cupcake Caper is the first book in the New UNDERCOVER CAT mystery series, published by Curtis Brown Unlimited, September 2016.

Science is about solving puzzles. Why should solving a murder be any different?

Dr. Bree Watson (aka Gabriella Catherine Mayfield-Watson) is comfortable solving chemistry problems. She isn’t comfortable finding her boss dead and being a suspect in his poisoning. Now she’s juggling:

  • A sexy marketing manager—who may, or may not—be a contract killer.
  • A handsome lead detective whose interest goes beyond the case.
  • The dead man’s cranky cat.
  • A goose-chasing dog in hot water with an animal rights group.
  • The search for the perfect cupcake recipe.
  • And, of course, someone who wants her out of the picture.

And she thought getting a Ph.D. was hard.

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Meet the author
Kelle Z. Riley, writer, speaker, global traveler, Ph.D. chemist and safety/martial arts expert has been featured in public forums that range from local Newspapers to National television. In addition to her works of fiction, a kellepersonal story was included in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias.” Her other publications include a romantic suspense (Dangerous Affairs), multiple short stories, a self-published memoir in honor of her father, and the recently released Cupcake Caper (Undercover Cat Series) which features a scientist-turned-sleuth. A former Golden Heart Finalist, Kelle resides in Chattanooga, TN.

She is the past program chair and popular speaker for the Chattanooga Writer’s Guild, a member of Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers’ of America and various local chapters. When not writing, she can be found pursuing passions such as being a self-defense instructor, a Master Gardener Intern and a full time chemist with numerous professional publications and U. S. patents. Kelle can be reached on Facebook, on Twitter, and at www.kellezriley.net.

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