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A day in the life of Sunny Taylor by June Shaw

It started as a bad day. Since my twin Eve Vaughn was grief-stricken, instead of working on our new remodeling and repair business, she chose to stay home and slap black paint all over her newest canvas.

Living a block away, I couldn’t lift her mood. If you know anything about me, you might recall that I also couldn’t do much physical labor since a killer shot me in the shoulder and almost made me his next victim. My arm was healing, but complications set in, making me also discontent. That’s when Dave Price called and changed everything.

Eve is thrice divorced, but after businessman Dave moved into our small bayou town, she decided he was her soulmate—the man she had been searching for all along. Coming on strong with him, she let him know how she felt. The problem was (and he is too much of a gentleman to just say it), he didn’t want her.

The worse problem? I had never been truly in love with a man (even though I divorced the one I’d agreed to marry) and never thought I wanted another man—until Dave and I were thrown together. He seems to really care for me, too, and recently bought a fishing camp along the bayou. He wanted me to give him suggestions on how to improve it. Eve doesn’t know of our interest in each other so to get her out of her doldrums, I easily convinced her to join me at Dave’s new place.

At his camp that should provide a relaxing space, I let him show Eve one section while I checked out the utility room. The previous owner had cleared everything out of it except the hot water heater, which a filled large black garbage bag leaned against. Uncomfortable because a plastic bag leaned against a heater, I tugged to move it away but could not. I opened the top to remove some items—and that’s when my sister knew.

The Christmas carol that rang out from my mouth made her come running to see what I feared.

You can read more about Sunny in Dead on the Bayou, the second book in the “Twin Sisters” mystery series.

It may be easier to patch up an old home than a broken heart. But along the Louisiana bayou, where beauty and danger mingle all too seamlessly, thoughts of romance may have to simmer on the back burner . . .

Twin sisters and fellow divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn have established their home repair and remodeling business with an eye toward quality and personal attention. So when they’re approached by hunky Dave Price to fix up his bayou fishing camp, they’re more than happy to take the job—especially since they both secretly think he may prove to be more than just another satisfied customer . . .

The ramshackle campsite could certainly use a woman’s touch. What it does not need is a dead body—but that’s what the trio stumble across. Clearly, the poor soul was murdered—and once the town tongue-waggers get going, Sunny, Eve, and Dave come under suspicion of the police, not to mention potential clients . . .

Now, with their futures on the line, their brewing love triangle will have to wait. Helped—and harried—by the twins’ mother and her retirement home’s cadre of amateur sleuths, the trio starts snooping on their own. But when another dead body turns up, they’ll have to get their hands dirtier than a swamp-bottom snake if they hope to clear their names . . .

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About the author
June Shaw is a bestselling author from the bayou country of Louisiana. She represents her state on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter, which includes La., Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. She has written another mystery series and other books and loves to hear from readers! Reach out too June at juneshaw.com.

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A day in the life of Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn by June Shaw

a-fatal-romanceHi, I’m Sunny Taylor, and I live within the unique bayou region and culture that make up south Louisiana. One day I might spend hours preparing seafood gumbo and creamy pecan pralines for the Gumbo Kitchen, our small town’s soup kitchen for the needy. On most days if I’m lucky I’m busting down walls or hammering wood to remodel a house into someone’s dream home. I notice details since I worked in the lingerie department of Sugar Ledge’s only upscale ladies shop, where I quickly recognized who might need a B cup or EE one for a bra. I could also tell who went around sans underwear, something I did not want to imagine or consider. I have since lost that job.

My attention to detail became an attribute to Twin Sisters Remodeling & Repair, the business my sister Eve and I started a few months ago, and I desperately need to succeed. Any severe thunderstorm might cause more troubles for my roof that I urgently require money to replace. Paying attention to detail also causes me to focus on problems, like why is that widow wearing a bright red sheath and matching spikey heels to carry her husband’s ashes into the church? She killed him, I figured right after she tripped and dumped him all over the floor. There was no bump in the carpet she had just stepped on, I’d seen. And her reaction to me after I offered to vacuum him up was horrible. Actually, I first sang a few bars of “Jingle Bells,” but that was just because I was afraid at first—a problem that started when I was eight and somebody murdered my oldest sister in front of me. I had no idea what to do while I waited for Mom and other people to come and see about her. If I’d cried, I knew I would never stop, so I sang. “Happy Birthday” and Christmas carols were the only songs I knew.

I’ve struggled for years to get rid of that affliction just like I’ve worked to overcome my difficulties with dyslexia. Early teachers and classmates thought I was only stupid until one wonderful teacher recognized my symptoms and told other teachers how I could learn best. She also let me know that Churchill, da Vinci, Edison, and Einstein all shared the same trait. Still, I get Eve to check any bids I develop, and so far they have all been correct. Eve is joining me with a remodeling project and trying to prove I wasn’t the killer after many people heard me arguing with the next person who died. Eve also wants me to find romance again. She really wouldn’t want that if she only knew that the one man who has finally interested me is the man she believes is her soulmate.

Hello, my name is Eve Vaughn. I look exactly like Sunny except I like to wear a little more makeup than she does, and I prefer my clothes slightly snugger and dressier. I have been married three times to wonderful men who still believe they should shower me with finery although I don’t think that’s necessary. Having my first husband give me my daughter made my life complete. I had lived out of town quite a while and don’t have quite the financial need that my sister does. When we aren’t working on houses, which we learned to do with our father, I am painting, although not very good, or working out at the gym. Sometimes we visit our loving mother, who insisted she live at the attractive retirement home once her rheumatoid arthritis got so bad, and now her Chat and Nap buddies can’t wait to give Sunny and me advice on murder and love.

While we try to work hard and stay out of trouble, I am waiting for my daughter in Houston who did like I did—got married really young—to give birth. I also need to admit I am rather forward with men, but I’ve met this man that I’m certain is the one I have looked for all my life. Now if only I could get my twin to also find a man she could love, I would be thrilled. And I need to stay away from a killer while proving neither my sister nor I am one.

A FATAL ROMANCE is the first book in the NEW Twin Sisters mystery series published by Lyrical Underground, January 2017.

Fixing up homes can be tricky.
Finding true love can be even trickier.
But finding a killer can be plain old deadly . . .

Twin sister divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn have had their fill of both heartaches and headaches. So when they settle down in the small Louisiana town of Sugar Ledge and open a remodeling and repair company, they think they’ve finally found some peace—even though Eve is still open for romance while Sunny considers her own heart out-of-business.

Then their newest customer ends up face-down in a pond, and his widow is found dead soon after. Unfortunately, Sunny was witnessed having an unpleasant moment with the distraught woman, and suspicion falls on the twins. And when an attempt is made on Eve’s life, they find themselves pulled into a murder mystery neither knows how to navigate.

With a town of prying eyes on them, and an unknown culprit out to stop them, Sunny and Eve will have to depend on each other like never before if they’re going to clip a killer in the bud.

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About the author
June Shaw grew up sharing swamps and bayous with alligators that don’t take up much room. She has written the highly praised Cealie Gunther cozy mystery series, books of many others genres, and now begins her Twin Sisters series with A Fatal Romance for Lyrical Press. To be published on January 24, it is available for pre-order now and will be followed in the fall by Dead on the Bayou and then Saving Mom. Follow June at juneshaw.com.

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Blog Tour With Cealie Gunther by June Shaw

Relative DangerHe smashed in the doorbell with a feathered wing.

The door opened. “Yes?” Kat sounded upset. “You must have the wrong place.”

Chicken Boy sang, “Happy graduation to you. Happy grad-u-a-tion—”

I finished the song I’d composed. “—to the girl who’s about to finish near the top of her cla-ass. Happy graduation to you.” I sprang out from behind the chicken, spreading my arms.

My grandchild peered at my face. She stared at the fellow in costume. Tears hit her eyes.

“Baby girl,” I said, “what’s wrong?” She fell into my arms trembling. I wasn’t prepared for this response.

She drew back wiping off tears. “Hi, Gram. We never know when you’ll pop up in town.”

“I like for my visits to be surprises.”

“They always are.” She brushed russet hair off her face. Her cheekbones stood out like her daddy’s. Her nose remained slim like her mom’s. She’d grown into a slender young woman with striking beauty.

“It’s always great to see you, Gram. And that was really sweet.” She nodded to indicate the boy heading for his truck. “But I doubt if I’ll be graduating near the top of my class. Or maybe at all.”

What? How could things have changed so much so soon?

She led the way through the living room. My shoes made a sucking noise through the space that l felt like a shrine. Framed pictures of the dead lined the walls. Each picture showed my daughter-in-law Nancy excited about life. She died two years ago.

=== And later today, after I know my former lover is in town and am tempted to go to him for help…

“No way,” I reaffirmed.

Gil Thurman was certain of everything he wanted from life. I needed to find my own certainty. I’d mourned about becoming a widow long before those golden years I’d planned to spend alongside my husband. My house felt empty. I’d started to become dowdy. Then I read about a speech called “Changing Your Inner Underwear.” Exactly what I needed! My inner panties and brassieres underwent a major upheaval. It was still okay to want to feel sexy. I could enjoy washing clothes for just one person. I wasn’t only my past, I was me—Cealie Gunther. I needed to tend to my spirit and rediscover myself.

What made me happy? What did I like to do?

But now I found myself inside Gil’s restaurant. He stared at me. “What a treat.”

I struggled to draw my gaze away from his mesmerizing eyes. Gil’s neck filled his open collar, and chest hair sprinkled the V above his top button. That same chest hair had often tickled my cheeks.

“Nice to see you, too,” I said, willing my voice normal.

“I don’t know what brought you, but I’m glad it did. Would your visit have anything to do with me?”

Kat’s horrid situation sprang to mind. “No.”

He looked disappointed. Gil indicated the place where the pretty woman sat watching us, her red mouth puckered in a pout. “Come sit with me.”

“Just stay with me a minute,” I said.

He sat and drew his chair close. My gaze flickered toward his table. Surely that young woman’s skirt was black and clingy. Black pantyhose would run beneath that tiny skirt the entire length of her long legs.

Her gaze locked with mine. We gave each other appraising stares.

My skin sagged more than hers, and my waist wasn’t as tapered. I was a decade or two (okay, maybe three) older. Was Gil dating a child now?

Well that was his decision to make. Still, I wished I’d worn something sassier than the boxy pantsuit. It was comfortable. The cropped pants were fashionable but made my legs appear shorter. Comparing me in this outfit to the woman staring back, I looked about as chic as Chicken Boy.

A later day — Footsteps came from behind. Soft steps, slowed for my benefit. I gripped the balcony’s rail. The feet moving behind me stopped.

“Inspecting the stage for graduation?” a voice asked from my rear.

I forced my voice strong. “I was just wondering how Kat is going to look out there.”

“I’m sure she’ll look pretty. If she makes it up there.”

Breathing neared. Darkness seemed to close in. Tapping sounded. The slightest tap-tap of something hard against flesh. I need to keep Kat safe. If I can survive being with this killer.


Untreed Reads will kindly provide an electronic copy of “Relative Danger” to one person who comments about Cealie within two days (Nov 2nd) of this post.

Meet the author
Southerner June Shaw is the author of the “Cealie Gunter” mystery series, which includes the first book in the series, Relative Danger and Killer Cousins, and Deadly Reunion which will follow soon. She’s written the inspirational “NORA 102 ½: A Lesson on Aging Well” and a picture book “How to Take Care of Your Pet Ghost”. She represents Louisiana on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter and is the Published Author Liaison for Romance Writers of America’s South Louisiana Chapter. Learn more about June and her books at www.juneshaw.com.

Book is available at online retailers.

Reflections With Sam Halson by June Shaw

Red SkiesIt took half an hour of delving through store shelves before I found the perfect card. A young man on it looked out of focus in his cap and gown. He held a diploma. The caption read Son, know that I’m proud. Inside were words I could also have said: “I applaud you, especially for this accomplishment you’ve worked for. But there has never been a moment in your life when I haven’t felt proud to call you my son.”

I signed Love, Your Dad and mailed it.

Sometime around now Blake would be graduating. I hoped he’d like the card. I almost put in a hundred-dollar bill, but didn’t know how he’d accept money.

To count down the final days, I busy myself with the brick fence. I’ve been creating it behind my house for when Blake comes back from overseas with his great wife and their baby, Matthew, the only grandchild I’ll ever have. I’m making little crosses in the fence that Matthew will be able to put his little feet in while he enjoys the mysterious swamp beyond my yard.

I could work much quicker, but need to haul the bricks and mortar alone since the men who work for me are bricking a house. And my body tells me not to rush things. Of course that doctor told me not to lay bricks anymore since my heart attack, but it was a small one and quite awhile back. And he can’t see me behind my house anyway.

While I work, a thought of my deceased wife Ruth surfaces, making the past and present collide. She’s gone. Why do I still sense guilt about my feelings for Grace, that wonderful newcomer who made me come alive again?

With a jumble of thoughts, I work bricks, notice zydeco thumping next door, and try not to pay attention. There isn’t much time left, and the cross openings I’m fashioning slow me down.

Bea’s music squeaks, then quit playing. A dove calls. I’m pleased to hear nature instead of her music blaring.

“You’re working on the fence again?”

How long has she been standing there? “You quit playing your music?” I ask.

Looking sad, she nods. “I had it on loud. Then the stereo made terrible sounds and just stopped.”

“Probably blew out the speakers.” I spy envelopes in her hand. “The mailman came?”

Before she answers, I run past her. At my mailbox, I flip through trash mail and one bill.

I curse, return to the yard. Thank goodness, Bea left, apparently seeing he wasn’t in a mood to converse. Each day that passes makes the return of my family more urgent. The turmoil of my mind with Ruth, and the problems at work with the owners not pleased with bricks they chose all take a rear shelf in my life. Grace has noticed my impatience and says she understood, yet we haven’t spent as much time together these last few days.

What I’m waking up for now is to prepare for Blake and Gizelle. And a small boy named Matthew.

Blake wouldn’t have a job yet, but nurses are needed all over. I know places for rent and which ones are the best. They’ll probably need to rent for a while, Gizelle has mentioned, until they can save up for a place of their own.

I’ll offer them to stay with me, a little while if they want, or long term would be better.

Whatever time they spent with me is all right. Young couples need their privacy—their own spaces to grow, argue, and make love. Their child needs a yard to play in, and I have a big one. I’ll have Matt stay over often. I already asked Grace for advice. I fit a sliced brick into place, renewing her instructions in my mind.

“Everything will come naturally. They make you act like an idiot, and that’s fun.”

She gave other advice, like don’t let them suck on your chin if they’re teething, but Matt should be past that stage when I meet him. He’ll be about one.

I had no idea what to do with a wet diaper, so Grace used a paper towel on a stuffed bear to show me. It looked pretty easy.

I hadn’t diapered Blake. Hadn’t even played with him much when he was real small. Now I wish he had. But back then, I thought I was too busy with work.

Why hadn’t I taken more time for my child?

I unclench my fists. No wonder Blake resents me so much that his wife is writing to me about the baby, but no word from my own son.

Nothing I can do about what was undone back then. But I’ll do all I possibly can now.

What day, what time will they arrive? I need to see them—to see that grandchild.

My neighbor from across the road limps with his bad leg in my gravel driveway, bringing okra from their garden.

Pleased that I’ll have some for gumbo, I grab packs of shrimp for them.

“Oh, this was in my mailbox. It’s for you,” he says.

Gizelle’s handwriting.

I rip the envelope open, smiling, and read aloud, “Dear Paw Paw Sam.”

My neighbor grins and goes on his way.

I’m sorry to tell you, I read, feeling the blood drain from my face.

** June is giving away a kindle copy of RED SKIES. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends April 27. **

About Red Skies:
Outdoorsman Sam Halson’s life has little meaning ever since his wife died and their estranged son left south Louisiana and moved overseas. Discovering his son fathered a boy, Sam gains new purpose—to see the only grandchild he’ll ever have. But his uncompromising son thwarts every attempt.

To keep in touch with the growing child, Sam and the boy exchange letters that Sam and his daughter-in-law write. While Sam makes every effort to see the boy, exciting newcomer Grace Owens forces him to deal with the pleasures and guilt of new love. She and the boy’s mother become the strong women who strive to get their men to overcome past hurts through the child that could bind them all together—before it’s too late.

Meet the author
Southerner June Shaw is the author of a mystery series, including the books Relative Danger, Killer Cousins, and Deadly Reunion. She’s written the inspirational NORA 102 ½: A Lesson on Aging Well and a picture book How to Take Care of Your Pet Ghost. She represents Louisiana on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter and is the Published Author Liaison for Romance Writers of America’s South Louisiana Chapter. Learn more about June and her books at www.juneshaw.com.

Book is available at online retailers.

A Day In The Life Of Cealie Gunther by June Shaw

Why didn’t anyone tell me that not many of my classmates would come to this reunion? I understand in a way. It’s cold up here in Alaska and the cruise was rather pricy, but still–.

I certainly didn’t expect that the first former classmate I’d see on the ship would be my Aunt Sue, who used to be my Uncle Stu back in high school. I’m still not certain how many changes were made, but you know me—I’m not too curious—yeah, right.

Of course I’ve never gotten to any of my reunions before, but that was only because I went off to college and was busy when reunions came around. And then my husband and I lived a distance away. But he’s gone now. And I’m trying to rediscover myself. Who are you when you lose a spouse? For quite awhile I felt like half of a couple, an easel with the best leg broken off.

Now I’m finally starting to see who Cealie is again, and what do you know? I meet Gil Thurman. Sure, Gil is a hunk and my sometimes lover, but I’ve been trying to avoid him until I can rediscover myself, and I’m so close. Gil knows what he wants and goes after it. He wants me.

And that’s why I got really pissed when I saw him strolling up to me with that delicious body and smile and the Lido Deck after I’d told him I needed time away from him. But he came after me?

Ever since I’ve tried to avoid him so I could rediscover myself, he winds up opening a new Cajun restaurant in all the places I travel, and I am so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

He can’t be having his Cajun food onboard—can he? Good grief, that man is tempting.

So is my Aunt Sue’s figure, much tauter than mine. And my former friend Jane that I haven’t seen in years is so in shape. Good grief, will I need to start working out again? And do I really need to purchase these extra-high heels onboard? Someone could fall off them and get hurt.

And why is that guy from our class here—and why won’t former good friends share their problems?

Are they hiding secrets? Lies? Did I ever really know them at all?

And now people I meet and people I know start dying, and I realize I know some things that might stop others from being killed, including myself. But do I really know them?

Do those former friends really know me?

You can find out much more about me and Gil and Aunt Sue and the man who sends champagne and other secrets in June Shaw’s DEADLY REUNION, third book in her Cealie Gunther mysteries. The first book in the series is RELATIVE DANGER.

June Shaw lives along a lazy bayou in south Louisiana near her large family and other loved ones. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably catching trout or playing with grandkids or cheering on the N.O. Saints.

** June is giving away one e-copy of her first Cealie book, RELATIVE DANGER, which Deadly Ink nominated for their Best Mystery of the Year. To enter, you must leave a valid e-mail address in the comment box with your comment. One entry per person. Contest ends on November 18th at 6pm EST. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator and will be notified by e-mail and has 2 days to respond. The author will e-mail you the book. **