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October 3, 2017 – New Releases

Death on Tap by Ellie Alexander

Fixing to Die by Miranda James

Familiar Motives by Delia James

A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch by Gin Jones

The Ninja’s Illusion by Gigi Pandian

A Room With a Brew by Joyce Tremel

The Witches’ Tree by M.C. Beaton

Death, Taxes, and Pecan Pie by Diane Kelly

Ghost on the Case by Caroly Hart

October 2, 2017 – New Releases

Playing The Angles by Devon Ellington

Scrapbook of Murder by Lois Winston

September 26, 2017 – New Releases

Wagging Through The Snow by Laurien Berenson

A Place in the Wind by Suzanne Chazin

Purring Around The Christmas Tree by Liz Mugavero

The Trickster’s Lullaby by Barbara Fradkin

Turkey Trot Murder by Leslie Meier

Barking up the Wrong Tree by Jenn McKinlay

Divinely Yours by Karin Gillespie

Sleep Like A Baby by Charlaine Harris

A Hive of Homicides by Meera Lester

Life of Lies by Sharon Sala

Dead and Ganache by Colette London

Dial Meow for Murder by Bethany Blake

Casualty of War by Charles Todd

The Persian Always Meows Twice by Eileen Watkins

Death by Eggnog by Alex Erickson

This Side of Murder by Anna Lee Huber

September 18-23, 2017 – New Releases

Gia In The City Of The Dead by Kristi Belcamino

A Part of the Pattern by L.L. Bartlett

Whispers of Warning by Jessica Estevao

As To Grind by Tonya Kappes

From Beyond The Grave by Daniella Bernett

October 2017 Releases

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October 1
A Tangled Web by Mike Martin (Sgt. Windflower #6)
Skeletons in the Attic by Judy Penz Sheluk – re-release

October 2
Playing the Angles by Devon Ellington
Scrapbook of Murder by Lois Winston (Anastasia Pollack Crafting #6)

October 3
Death on Tap by Ellie Alexander (Sloan Krause) *new series*
The Witches’ Tree by M.C. Beaton (Agatha Raisin #28)
Ghost on the Case by Caroly Hart (Bailey Ruth Ghost #10)
Familiar Motives by Delia James (Witch’s Cat #3)
Fixing to Die by Miranda James (Southern Ladies #4)
A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch by Gin Jones (Danger Cove Farmers’ Market #3)
Death, Taxes, and Pecan Pie by Diane Kelly (Tara Holloway #12)
The Ninja’s Illusion by Gigi Pandian (Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt #5)
A Room With a Brew by Joyce Tremel (Brewing Trouble #3)

October 8
The Question of the Absentee Father by Jeff Cohen & E.J. Copperman (Asperger’s #4)
Mining for Justice by Kathleen Ernst (Chloe Ellefson #8)
Weycombe by G.M. Malliet
Hunting the Five Point Killer by C. M. Wendelboe (Bitter Wind) *new series*

October 10
Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander (Lady Emily #12)
Death Overdue by Allison Brook (Haunted Library) *new series*
Death of the Kona Man by Catherine Bruns (Aloha Lagoon #10)
A Cajun Christmas Killing by Ellen Byron (Cajun #3)
Fireworks in Paradise by Kathi Daley (Tj Jensen #8)
Murder on the Toy Town Express by Barbara Early (Vintage Toyshop #2)
Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost (Christmas Tree Farm) *new series*
The Skeleton Paints A Picture by Leigh Perry (Family Skeleton #4)
Perilous Poetry by Kym Roberts (Book Barn #3)
Running Out Of Time by Suzanne Trauth (Dodie O’Dell #3)
Nine Lessons by Nicola Upson (Josephine Tey #7)

October 11
Back to the Fajitas by Leena Clover (Meera Patel #4)

October 16
The Masque of the Red Dress by Ellen Byerrum (Crime of Fashion #11)

October 17
Dark Signal by Shannon Baker (Kate Fox #2)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women by Emily Brightwell (Victorian #36)
Killing Season by Faye Kellerman
Cold As Ice by Julie Mulhern (Country Club Murder #6)
16 Millimeters by Larissa Reinhart (Maizie Albright Star Detective #2)
The Lost Spy by Kate Moira Ryan (Slim Moran #1)
Best-Laid Plants by Marty Wingate (Potting Shed #6)

October 19
Killing Malmon by Dan and Kate Malmon

October 20
Happy Homicides 6: Cooking Up Crime edited by Joanna Campbell Slan

October 24
How The Finch Stole Christmas by Donna Andrews (Meg Langslow #22)
Gia and the Forgotten Island by Kristi Belcamino (Gia Santella #2)
Someone’s Mad at the Hatter by Sandra Bretting (Missy DuBois #3)
Gin and Panic by Maia Chance (Discreet Retrieval Agency #3)
Murder over Mochas by Caroline Fardig (Java Jive #5)
Bones to Pick by Linda Lovely (Brie Hooker) *new series*
Hunger Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Huntress/FBI #5)
Dying To Live by Michael Stanley (Detective Kubu #6)

October 31
The Secret, Book, & Scone Society by Ellery Adams (Secret, Book & Scone) *new series*
Crazy Like a Fox: by Rita Mae Brown (Jane Arnold #10)
Knit To Kill by Anne Canadeo (Black Sheep & Company #9) *new publisher
Deck the Halls with Fudge by Nancy Coco (Candy-Coated Novella)
Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch #22)
White Sand Blues by Vicki Delany (Ashley Grant) *new series*
Murder in an English Village by Jessica Ellicott (Beryl and Edwina) *new series*
Blackberry Burial by Sharon Farrow (Berry Basket #2)
Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding by Diane Kelly (Tara Holloway #12)
Death Comes To The Fair by Catherine Lloyd (Kurland St. Mary #4)
Cremains Of The Day by Misty Simon (Tallie Graver) *new series*
Slay Bells Ring by Karen Rose Smith (Caprice De Luca #7)
Thread The Halls by Lea Wait (Mainely Needlepoint #6)
Ring In the Year with Murder by Auralee Wallace (Otter Lake #3)
The Quiche and The Dead by Kirsten Weiss (Pie Town) *new series*

September 12, 2017 – New Releases

Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase

Hair Brained by Nancy J. Cohen

Body on Baker Street by Vicki Delany

Doom with a View by Kate Kingsbury

Trouble in Tallahassee by Claire Matturro

Trouble in Tallahassee by Claire Matturro

Enigma by Catherine Coulter

Asking for Truffle by Dorothy St. James

Chickadee Chickadee Bang Bang by J.R. Ripley

The Hangman’s Sonnet by Reed Farrel Coleman

The Devouring by James R. Benn

In It For the Money by David Burnsworth

September 8, 2017 – New Releases

The Broken Teacup by Lorraine Bartlett

The Last Weekend by Laura DiSilverio

A Christmas Peril by J.A. Hennrikus

March of Crime by Jess Lourey

House. Tree. Person. by Catriona McPherson

Ring Around The Rosie, A Skull Full of Posies by Fran Rizer

September 5, 2017 ~ New Releases

Trouble is Brewing by Ellie Alexander

Double Trouble in Iowa by Wendy Byrne

Pudding Up with Murder by Julia Buckley

Proof of Life by J.A. Jance

Death Distilled by Melinda Mullet

Secrets In Death by J.D. Robb

Dead in the Water by Denise Swanson

Protocol by Kathleen Valenti

Highland Peril by Amy M. Reade

A Tale of Two Kitties by Sofie Kelly

August 29, 2017 ~ New Releases

Oh, Fudge by Nancy Coco

A Catered Costume Party by Isis Crawford

Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower

Glass House by Louise Penny

A Knit Before Dying by Sadie Hartwell

Macrame Murder by Mollie Cox Bryan

Murder Wears Mittens by Sally Goldenbaum

Grave Errors by Carol J. Perry

Mystic Mischief by Sally J. Smith/Jean Steffens