A day in the life with Mollye Camp by Linda Lovely

I’m Mollye Camp, Brie Hooker’s best friend. Brie’s a vegan, but I don’t hold it against her. She doesn’t cringe when I bite into a juicy burger, and I don’t wrinkle my nose at her tofu concoctions.

We met at age eight. Wow, can it be twenty-five years ago? Back then, Brie lived in Iowa, but spent part of each summer on her aunts’ South Carolina farm where I boarded my ponies. Whenever Brie arrived, I’d pack my PJs and stay at the farm for days. We’d ride ponies, tell ghost stories, cavort with goats, and play poker with Brie’s twin aunts until way past our bedtime. A big bonus? Aunt Eva and Aunt Lilly let us eat whatever struck our fancy. Cold pizza for breakfast? Ice cream for lunch? Popcorn for dinner? They just laughed and joined in.

When Lilly died in a car wreck this spring, Brie moved in with Aunt Eva to help her run the farm with its 400 goats and popular dairy. It felt like Brie had never been away. BFF—best friends forever. We see each other most days. Seems like Brie regularly needs my help snooping or getting tips on how to juggle Andy and Paint, the two hunks chasing her. She’s better at sleuthing than romance. At lunch today, I told her to think ménage à trois. She just rolled her eyes. Still it’s not healthy for a thirty-three-year-old chick to spend more time with rutting billy goats than sexy men.

Of course I don’t counsel Brie 24/7. I’m a potter and entrepreneur. I own “Starry Skies—A New Age & Metaphysical Experience,” a seriously cool store if I do say so myself. Along with my pottery, I sell Udderly Kidding goat soaps, garden gargoyles, medicinal herbs, and everything a “good” witch needs from full-moon candles to willow wands. I also do tarot readings for giggles. Don’t claim to be psychic. Truth be told, Brie’s better at sensing when our sleuthing adventures could land us in danger.

After lunch with Brie, I met one of my artist-vendors. This lady turns gold, silver, copper, and stones into exquisite jewelry. Luckily, wholesale discounts let me indulge my yen for her art. Brie says my ears sport enough holes to double as sieves. Too much jewelry? Not possible. When I wave my arms, I want my bracelets to make music.

After my supplier left, I glazed three pierced vases, my signature creations. Then I hustled to yoga class. I’m a big girl but I’ve got moves. Speaking of which, I plan to enjoy canoodling with my sweetie, Deputy Danny McCoy, later this evening. He also happens to be a great source of information about what’s up at the Sheriff’s Department. Didn’t realize how valuable that could be until certain members of the Hooker clan became murder suspects.

Have to run. Since Deputy Danny’s working late, I’m off to Udderly Kidding Dairy to pick up Brie, Paint, and Andy. I’m driving since my Starry Skies van offers plenty of leg room, which everyone but Brie needs. Too bad my van’s harvest moon and twinkling stars make it a poor choice for undercover work. Don’t know what we’ll do if we need to snoop under the radar again. After Brie’s and my last spy venture, Mom absolutely refuses to loan me her plain vanilla car. Anyway, tonight’s entertainment is a community play starring my cousin Alice. The play’s Dial M for Murder, an old-timey favorite. Guess the updated version would be Text M for Murder.


You can read more about Mollye in Bones To Pick, the first book in the NEW “Brie Hooker” mystery series.

Living on a farm with four hundred goats and a cantankerous carnivore isn’t among vegan chef Brie Hooker’s list of lifetime ambitions. But she can’t walk away from her Aunt Eva, who needs help operating her dairy.

Once she calls her aunt’s goat farm home, grisly discoveries offer ample inducements for Brie to employ her entire vocabulary of cheese-and-meat curses. The troubles begin when the farm’s pot-bellied pig unearths the skull of Eva’s husband, who disappeared years back. The sheriff, kin to the deceased, sets out to pin the murder on Eva. He doesn’t reckon on Brie’s resolve to prove her aunt’s innocence. Death threats, ruinous pedicures, psychic shenanigans, and biker bar fisticuffs won’t stop Brie from unmasking the killer, even when romantic befuddlement throws her a curve.

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Meet the author
Linda Lovely finds writing pure fiction isn’t a huge stretch given the years she’s spent penning PR and advertising copy. Her blend of mystery and humor lets her chuckle as she plots to “disappear” the types of characters who most annoy her. Quite satisfying, plus there’s no need to pester relatives for bail. Her new Brie Hooker Mystery series offers good-natured salutes to both her vegan family doctor and her cheese-addicted kin. While her new series may be “cozy,” she weaves in plenty of adrenaline-packed scenes to keep readers flipping pages. She served as president of her local Sisters in Crime chapter for five years and also belongs to International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America. She’s the award-winning author of five prior mystery/suspense/thriller novels. To learn more, visit her website at lindalovely.com.

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9 responses to “A day in the life with Mollye Camp by Linda Lovely

  1. Looks like a really great book. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. I am a city girl but I love to read cozies that take place on a farm. I am adding this one to my TBR list.


  3. Thanks, Linda and Christi. I had a lot of fun writing this one–especially the research at a nearby goat dairy.


  4. Congrats on another great series beginning, Linda! I love goats and goat milk products and tarot too (I don’t claim to be psychic either — luckily you don’t have to be for tarot to work).


  5. Hey, Tina, You’re the tarot expert!


  6. Another series for my list!


  7. Thanks, Gram. I’m in the midst of editing the second book in the series. My critique partners are very enthusiastic about the series.


  8. Barbara Hackel

    This was a great murder mystery. Lots of good characters too!