A day in the life with Remy Stanton by Jason Pinter

My name is Remy Stanton, and the first thing you need to know is that I shouldn’t be here.

That’s all I can think as I stand here among several of the most powerful people in the world, as the man to my left gets ready to announce that he’s running for President. Ever been next to someone while they announce a presidential run? Yeah. It’s as insane as it sounds.

A few weeks ago I was a nobody. A mid-level corporate strategist unfulfilled in my career and, really, life itself. Ever feel like you’re destined for something greater, but you’re waiting for a sign? Well, my sign came. In the shape of a bullet.

That’s right, it took getting shot for me to find my destiny. I was heading home after a nightcap when I saw a good-looking couple about to get mugged at gunpoint. Wrong place, wrong time. Without thinking, I intervened. And what kind of thanks did I get for being a Good Samaritan? A bullet in the chest and a stay in the hospital.

But that couple on the street wasn’t some ordinary husband-and-wife strolling home after a bottle of red at an Italian restaurant. No, the woman’s name was Alena Griggs. Yup, that Alena Griggs. As in the daughter of Rawson Griggs, billionaire developer, ruthless and brilliant mogul, and one of the wealthiest and most powerful men alive. Well, Rawson Griggs was pretty thankful that I saved his daughter’s life. Alena’s husband? The accountant? Rawson doesn’t seem to be overly fond of him. But Rawson’s a smart guy, and he knows a good publicity opportunity when he sees one, so Rawson offered me a job on his campaign. I was a hero. Having a hero stand beside him at rallies is media gold. And for me? It meant more money, more power, more opportunity.

I knew I was destined for something greater. But still, something doesn’t feel quite right. The first thing that feels off is Paul Bracewell, Alena’s husband. Alena is warm, caring—not what I expected from the heiress to an empire—but Paul is quiet. Squirrely, even. And Alena acts strange around him, like he’s changed somehow. Or like he knows something he’s not supposed to.

And then there’s Dastan Nogoyev, the would-be-robber whose plot I foiled. Dastan was arrested and incarcerated awaiting a grand jury, but we just found out that he was murdered in prison. It’s possible he was killed by some crazy inmate, or an overzealous Griggs fan, but I wonder whether he was killed because the robbery that night wasn’t just a robbery. . .

All these questions are driving me crazy. And here I stand, Rawson Griggs to my left, Alena Griggs to my right, as Rawson prepares to make an announcement that could change the face of America. I fully support Rawson. He’s a brash, take-no-prisoners billionaire running for President.

What could go wrong?

You can read more about Remy in The Castle, a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller.

Remy Stanton is a young, ambitious corporate strategist who intervenes in an armed robbery one night, saves two lives, but is nearly killed in the process. And when he wakes up in the hospital, Remy learns that one of the intended victims was Alena Griggs, the daughter and sole heir of Rawson Griggs, a brilliant, brash billionaire – and one of the most powerful men in the world. Suddenly Remy finds that he has become an overnight celebrity – and he receives an offer he can’t refuse.

Rawson Griggs is about to announce an unprecedented run for President of the United States, and he offers Remy, the man who saved his beloved daughter’s life, a position in his campaign. Suddenly Remy finds himself thrust into the maelstrom of the most controversial Presidential election in history, where buried secrets and stunning acts of violence rock the nation. And as his own star grows brighter, Remy finds himself drawn to the intelligent yet down-to-earth Alena Griggs, whose marriage is strained by the relentless pressures of fame and politics.

Yet as the revolutionary Griggs movement builds steam, shocking events cause Remy to suspect a dark undercurrent running beneath Rawson’s campaign. And when he discovers the full, disturbing truth, Remy will have to make a choice: stay the course, or jeopardize everything he cares about. And possibly lose his life in the process. Because politics is war. And nobody survives a war with Rawson Griggs.

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Meet the author
Jason Pinter is the bestselling author of five novels in his Henry Parker thriller series, which have over one million copies in print worldwide and have been published in over a dozen countries, as well as the Middle Grade adventure novel Zeke Bartholomew: SuperSpy. He has been nominated for the Thriller Award, Strand Critics Award, Barry Award, RT Reviewers Choice Award, Shamus Award and CrimeSpree Award. His novel, The Mark, was optioned to be a feature film. He has written for The New Republic, Entrepreneur, The Daily Beast, Medium, and more. He was named one of the top writers on Twitter (@JasonPinter) by Mashable and the Huffington Post, and his articles and essays have been covered in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Atlantic, Hot Air, Boston Globe, New York Observer, Baltimore Sun, Salon and Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald. He lives in Hoboken, NJ with his wife, their daughter, and their dog. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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