My Musing ~ A Deadly Fundraiser by Mary Kennedy

A Deadly Fundraiser by Mary Kennedy is the 4th book in the “Talk Radio” mystery series. Publisher: Bleecker Street Books, September 2017

Radio talk show host Dr. Maggie Walsh finds herself in the middle of a murder—again! An invitation to a glitzy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion sounds like the perfect evening. Maggie and her pals are digging up clues for a scavenger hunt when a real mystery lands in their laps. Suddenly the party’s over, and the killer is playing for keeps. Will Maggie and her team be able to crack the case and solve the crime?

Dr Maggie is back and this time murder plays a deadly hand at a scavenger hunt gone wrong. A house full of suspects and the party is just beginning in this delightfully charming tale. I like the pacing of this whodunit that set the tone of how well this mystery was executed with plenty of suspects and a few twists and turns and kept me glued to the pages as I had to see how this will all play out. I liked that the main characters all had pivotal roles that kept me engaged in what they were doing and providing humor as well. The author knows how to tell a story that pulled me in and that ending. . .loved it. A great story and again, it was good to see Dr. Maggie, Lola and Vera Mae.

5 responses to “My Musing ~ A Deadly Fundraiser by Mary Kennedy

  1. I will have to read this one Dru Ann. I have enjoyed the others and this sounds even better-maybe it is the scavenger hunt. I can’t resist those!


  2. Hi Dru, thank you so much for this great review of DEADLY FUNDRAISER!


  3. Sounds like a great read…