My Musing ~ Pizza To Die For by Lea Wait

Pizza To Die For by Lea Wait. Publisher: Sheepscot River Press, August 2017

At fourteen, future chef Mikki Norden is ready for any kitchen emergency – except the unexpected death of her mentor, Mr. Baldacci. But Mikki’s learned a lot about solving crimes from her mother, an almost-published mystery author, so when the local New Jersey police rule Mr. B’s death a heart attack, she knows she has to prove otherwise, even if she’s a very amateur detective.

Mikki grows up fast as she discovers secrets surrounding Mr. B and his restaurant . . . and within her own family.

Wacky characters and situations make this a memorable coming-of-age mystery for readers of all ages.

This was an enjoyable short story that grabbed my attention immediately. When our heroine finds her mentor’s body, she suspects foul play and that’s when the adventure begins for this young amateur sleuth.

This evenly-paced drama perfectly matched how well the story flowed from chapter to chapter keeping me in tuned to all that was happening. From moving across the country and learning about her family’s history, Mikki is determined to find the person involved in Mr. B’s death. The author sets the stage for this light whodunit with a well-crafted mystery with plenty of suspects and I enjoyed watching how it all played out with each clue bringing me closer to the identity of the killer. With a great cast of characters that includes the two “body guards” whose idea of helping is amusing due to their ineptitude at getting the job done, this was a fun read and I would love to read more adventures with Mikki and her family.

4 responses to “My Musing ~ Pizza To Die For by Lea Wait

  1. Looks like a Fun and Funny Book. Thanks for sharing


  2. Sounds good to me.


  3. Thank you for reviewing, Dru! So glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Sounds like a good mystery! I will definitely have to check it out. But I had to laugh because of a Flash Fiction story I once wrote/published with a similar name.

    “The Perilous Pizza”
    My mouth watered, as I remembered the large slice of leftover pizza in the fridge. Sitting behind the wheel of my SUV, I visualized the thin crust, the gooey cheese, the spicy sausage and curling slices of pepperoni, the onions, olives, green peppers and mushrooms – my “reward” for a too long day at work. I deserved it. I craved it.
    Why is this traffic so slow?
    I thought about Jack; imagined him opening the fridge, noticing my foil-covered triangle of meat and cheese. I clenched the wheel and willed him to ignore the pizza and eat his salad. What had his doctor said? “Your LDL is dangerously high, Mr. Spratt. You must take care.” I pounded the wheel with my fist.
    Will this stop light never change?
    Suddenly alert, I sensed Jack lifting the foil; sniffing the sausage; licking his lips.
    Don’t do it! Eat your salad! Remember your cholesterol! Remember your heart!
    The microwave beeped. I stepped on the gas; ran the light.
    The pizza came out. I swerved and heard a crash behind me.
    His mouth opened. I careened into the driveway and slammed on the brakes.
    If he’s eaten it, I’ll kill him!
    But the pizza already had.