Baxley Powell’s typical day in her life – Ha ha! by Maggie Toussaint

Occupation: amateur sleuth and dreamwalker

You want a typical day? Walking two families-worth of pets for folks on vacation, managing a landscaping job where the client keeps changing her mind, and praying none of my friends and neighbors wake up dead. That’s the regular run-of-the-mill day for me in coastal Georgia.

Most days are similar to a live Variety Show because of the personalities involved, especially if there’s a homicide (I’m often called in by my sheriff to help figure out what happened to the newly deceased and sometimes the long-deceased).

Take recent events, if you will. For vacation, my family drove to the north Georgia Mountains. It’s so beautiful and peaceful here, or that’s what we thought until a young man turned up dead for no apparent reason.

Heck, I’m getting ahead of myself. Our first night here was interrupted by a vigilante. He’s not quite right in the head and he approached us with a loaded weapon saying we had no right to be on this property. When our response didn’t satisfy him, I worried about our survival. I was barely able to remember what the property owner said about this guy. The code words he needed to hear. Once I remembered the safe phrases and said them, he lowered his weapon.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I invited him to share our campfire. He declined and marched into the woods on the other side of us. If I’d had any sense, I should’ve turned around right then and gone home.

The next day, a young man is dead, and a pair of local officers pull their guns on me because I was carrying. The cops search my identity in their database, and suddenly I’m smack dab in the middle of a homicide investigation. I’ve seen some weird stuff before, but this innocent-looking young man appeared to have lay down by the lake and willed himself to the Other Side.

The answer was less straightforward than that. Someone stole his energy. Drained him to the point of death. Why would anyone allow an energy vampire access to their life force? Through my dreamwalk with his body, I learn the victim’s name. Haney was an orphan who lived in this area.

Things go from bad to worse when we visit the group home where Haney lived. The place is messy with crusty dishes and filth, and the young man who answers the door is quite odd. Within a minute of meeting him, the sheriff and Mayes, the Native American deputy who is her second in command, agree with everything the man says. Only when I shield them with my senses do they think clearly.

We neutralize the guy, and by that I mean handcuff him so we can work. The sheriff guards him from a safe distance. Upstairs, the beds are full of unresponsive people. While Mayes and I determine their health status, the young man frees himself and kidnaps the sheriff. Good grief. Whatever happened to routine homicides?

Worse, a group of locals pressure me into producing Rose, my Other World spirit guide and mentor. This is the toughest case I’ve ever had. I don’t know these people so I have to totally rely on my extrasensory talents. But each lead takes me deeper and deeper into the killer’s snare.

To find out if Baxley meets her match in the Georgia Mountains, check out Dadgummit, the fourth book in the “Dreamwalker” mystery series.

Amateur sleuth Baxley Powell is on vacation at Stony Creek Lake in the north Georgia mountains. Her parents, best friend, and ten-year-old daughter are camping with her. Almost immediately, a young man’s body is found beside the lake. Strangely, there’s no apparent cause of death. The local police have heard about Baxley’s skill at closing unusual cases, and at their urging she agrees to help.

Her psychic sleuthing leads the police to a halfway house. There they encounter eight comatose victims and an odd man named Jonas, who also has supernatural abilities. Baxley senses Jonas cruelly drained their life force energy. Jonas escapes, taking the sheriff as a hostage. Deputy Sam Mayes, a Native American, leads the manhunt, and he keeps Baxley close, knowing she’s the key to capturing this powerful criminal.

Baxley’s paranormal talent of dreamwalking, which she uses to traverse the veil of life, draws the unwanted attention of beings believed to be Cherokee folklore. Jonas stole a treasured artifact from them, and they want it back. They hold Baxley’s best friend and two others because they know Baxley can help them. As the clock ticks, Jonas taunts this crime-fighting duo and proves to be a wily adversary.

With the body count rising, Baxley and Mayes realize they are up against an entity who appears to be invincible. Do they have the power to subdue an energy vampire, turn the tide of evil, and save the day?

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About the author
Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes mystery, suspense, and dystopian fiction. Her work won the Silver Falchion Award for best mystery, the Readers’ Choice Award, and the EPIC Award. Under her name and her pen name of Rigel Carson, she’s published sixteen novels as well as several short stories and novellas. The latest book in her paranormal mystery series, Dadgummit, released August 1, 2017. Maggie serves as Chapter President for Southeast Mystery Writers of America and as Vice-President for Low Country Sisters In Crime. Visit her at

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7 responses to “Baxley Powell’s typical day in her life – Ha ha! by Maggie Toussaint

  1. maggietoussaint

    Thank you for hosting Dadgummit, sleuth Baxley Powell, and me as we help spread the word about this new release. I love coming here and I am so glad to know you, Dru Ann. You’re Five Stars in anyone’s book!


  2. I have Gone and Done it on my library list.


  3. I hope you love it, Gram! This series is so fun to write. And I love meeting readers! The books of the series, in order, are Gone and Done It, Bubba Done It, Doggone It, and now Dadgummit. The next book, Confound It, has a tentative release date of June 2018.


  4. This is a delightful series. I love the Dreamwalking aspect.


  5. Thanks, Jaden. So glad you enjoy Baxley’s adventures!


  6. Cynthia Blain

    Sounds totally opposite of my days, thankfully. 😂. Will be hoping to read.