A day in the life with Devereaux Sinclair by Denise Swanson

Season of the Witch

Hi! Dev Sinclair here.

I own Devereaux’s Dime Store and Gift Baskets in Shadow Bend, MO. Shadow Bend is a small town about an hour or so (depending on traffic) from Kansas City. While we have quite a few families who moved to our tiny community to get away from the urban sprawl, most folks were born here. Those are the people that worry me.

While it’s not a secret that in addition to my wholesome gift baskets, I also make sexy ones, folks can pretend that they have no idea what goes on in the back of my store. But I got tired of the charade, and have decided that this year I’ll do a naughty Halloween display as well as the usual pumpkins and scarecrows.

Maybe having Jake Del Vecchio renting the upstairs for his new private investigation firm gave me false courage. Jake is one of the guys that I’m dating. The town doctor, Noah Underwood is the other. But I promised them both that I would choose between them by Halloween, so if I have to put on my big girl panties to do that, I might as well, fess up to the erotic side of my business while I’m at it.

Of course, I hadn’t planned on having to investigate a kidnapping while I was trying to make such a momentous decision. And when the kidnapping turned into a murder; that was even worse.

You can find out which man Dev chooses in Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My. The sixth book in the “Devereaux’s Dime Store”, a humorous romantic mystery series, released on July 4 and is available as an e-book, mass-market, or audible book.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Between a Book and a Hard Place comes the latest Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery—and it packs a bite.

Opening up a dime store in her hometown of Shadow Bend, Missouri, Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair thought she’d left the wilds of city life behind her. But she’s about to discover that even rural life can be beastly. . .

Handsome private investigator Jake Del Vecchio has rented the office space on the second floor above Devereaux’s dime store, and Dev now finds herself embroiled in his first case, which involves Gabriella Winston, the missing wife of wealthy philanthropist Elliot Winston.

Elliot is determined to open a wildlife park on the edge of town but is facing all sorts of angry opposition—including Gabriella. After the Winstons have a bitter fight, Gabriella disappears, and their house is ransacked. The authorities are quick to claim Elliot killed his wife, but Dev’s not so sure. One thing is certain: Claws are out in Shadow Bend. . .

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About the author
New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson lives in rural Illinois with her classical composer husband and whatever wildlife wanders into her yard. She writes the Scumble River, Devereaux’s Dime Store, and coming soon the Chef-to-Go mystery series. Denise also writes the Change of Heart and Delicious Love romances.

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9 responses to “A day in the life with Devereaux Sinclair by Denise Swanson

  1. Barbara Hackel

    I have been anxiously waiting for this book…and it’s finally here! Can’t wait to find out who Dev chooses!💕


  2. Ruth Nixon

    Finally an answer


  3. I like her style, naughty and nice 🙂 Looking forward to the read!


  4. Kristi Lewis

    I’m going to have to read this series and find out who Dev chooses to be with.


  5. Lois Rotella

    Cannot wait till I get it to read it.


  6. How interesting! I look forward to discovering who Dev chooses.


  7. Abby Fabian

    I love this series! I bought my copy of the book yesterday!


  8. Denise Swanson

    Thanks to everyone who commented! Hope you all are happy with Dev’s choice!


  9. I read the first five books in the series. This sixth book is on my tbr short list.