My Musing ~ The Tell-Tale Tarte by Maya Corrigan

The Tell-Tale Tarte by Maya Corrigan is the fourth book in the “Five Ingredients” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, June 27, 2017

It s a cold January in the Chesapeake Bay area, but Cool Down Cafe manager Val Deniston has plenty to sweat over like catering a book club event, testing recipes for her Granddad s cookbook, and catching the author of a deadly tale of murder. . .

The last thing Val needs in her life is an unsolved murder, especially when the victim, an actor famed for impersonating Edgar Allan Poe, happens to be dressed exactly like her Granddad. To keep an eye on Granddad, whose latest job takes him to the home of Rick Usher, a local author inspired by Poe, Val gets herself hired as a cook in Rick s House of Usher. When she discovers the actor wasn’t the only one doing an impersonation, separating the innocent from the murderous becomes a real-life horror story. But Val must decipher a killer s M.O. sooner rather than later . . . or she can forget about finding poetic justice.

Includes 6 delicious five-ingredient recipes!

I love this book with its five-ingredient recipes and five clues that blends together perfectly to bring me a delightfully engaging whodunit that whets my appetite for more stories. The story was set at a comfortable pace that flowed easily from chapter to chapter keeping me engrossed in all that was happening as Val sought to clear her boyfriend’s name and protect her grandfather from an unknown killer. This well-written mystery was nicely done with a homage to Poe in how certain characters were portrayed and where everyone was suspect. Adding strategically placed twists and turns enhanced the telling of this tale and making this one of the best book in this endearing series.

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FTC Full Disclosure – I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from the author.

One response to “My Musing ~ The Tell-Tale Tarte by Maya Corrigan

  1. Many more laughs than a Poe story and a tasty treat for readers who know Poe’s work and life.