My Musing ~ Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter by Diane Kelly

Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter by Diane Kelly is the 10th book in the “Tara Holloway” humorous mystery series. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, August 2016


Can IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway break up a clever ring of tax cheats who love money, dishonor the IRS, and disobey the laws of justice?

When Tara agreed to be her best friend’s maid of honor, she knew it would be a ton of work. But planning a bachelorette party is a piece of (wedding) cake compared to her latest mission for the IRS. Her target is radio host Florence “Flo” Cash, star of “The Flo Cash Cash Flow Show.” Not only has Flo been giving her listeners shady tax advice, she’s set up an elaborate barter system that leaves Uncle Sam out of the equation-and Tara tied in knots. . .

While Flo flouts the IRS at every turn, Tara has yet another case to tackle: a catfishing Casanova who’s relieved several lonely ladies of their cash, credit cards, and dignity. When her best friend’s big day arrives, it’s all Tara can do to keep from crying uncle. But when Tara snatches the bridal bouquet and her boyfriend Nick catches the satin garter, could Tara’s days of filing single tax returns be over?

I love this series and I especially love the titles that tie into what the story is about. In this case, Tara is after a catfisher and a businesswoman while preparing for her best friend’s wedding. When Tara is on the case, I know that I will be in for a rip-roaring and hilariously good time. Tara is a dynamo that comes in a small package and the people she’s after, never knew what hit them until it’s over.

This fast-paced and action filled drama was a fun book that I could not put down as I had to know how this will all play out. From the first page, I was completely engrossed in all that was happening from the moment Tara began her investigation into the two case. The author does a great job in how she sets up the story with a simple task but you know with Tara at the helm, it will involve ingenuity and fierce determination to apprehend these culprits. I love the author’s writing style and the ease in how the story flows from chapter to chapter keeping me engaged in the glorious details in the telling of this tale. A fun book that kept me in stitches and I can’t wait to read the next book and see what cases will have Tara pulling out her barrel of arsenal.

FTC Full Disclosure – I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) book from author.

4 responses to “My Musing ~ Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter by Diane Kelly

  1. Sounds good to me. I put the first in the series on my list and never got back to it. I also want to start her series with the K-9 officer!


  2. Barbara Hackel

    I love this series Dru Ann! Tara is such a dedicated agent and interesting character. Hard to believe this is the 10th book in the series! Thanks for today’s review and peek at the fun. 🙂


  3. Dru, I love this series. Can’t wait for this book to be released. I enjoyed reading your review–so glad to know this one is as entertaining as the rest. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  4. I’ve enjoyed every one of the books that I have read in this series. Thanks for your review.