My Musing ~ Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon

Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon is the second book in the “Webb’s Glass Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, February 2016

Shards of MurderWhen a glass-making competition turns deadly, glass shop owner Savannah Webb must search for a window into a criminal’s mind. . .

As the new proprietor of Webb’s Glass Shop, Savannah has been appointed to fill her late father’s shoes as a judge for the Spinnaker Arts Festival, held in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. With her innovative glass works, the clear winner is Megan Loyola, a student of Savannah’s former mentor.

But when Megan doesn’t show up to accept her $25,000 award, rumors start flying. And when Savannah discovers the woman’s dead body on festival grounds, the police immediately suspect her of murder. To keep from appearing before a judge herself, Savannah sorts through the broken pieces of glass scattered around the victim for clues as to who took this killer competition too far. . .

I enjoyed the latest book in the Webb Glass Shop series which fused all elements of a mystery that was both engaging and appealing. Once again, Savannah has to play amateur sleuth when as a result of her actions, lands her in the top person of interest spot. What I like best about this story is that the author chose to have Savannah lead of team of her co-workers and friend who help in gathering clues that the author dispenses throughout this beguiling light drama. The pace of this tale goes hand in hand with how finely tune this story was developed giving us a group of likely suspects which was fun to watch as they were systematically eliminated until the final person left was identified as the killer. I really like this book and the interactions among the characters are friendly with lively dialogue and a nice sociable setting.

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