My Musing ~ Murder of An Open Book by Denise Swanson

Murder of an Open BookMurder of An Open Book by Denise Swanson is the 18th book in the “Scumble River” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, September 2015

A nasty faculty feud leaves one Scumble River teacher belly-up. . .

Her honeymoon may have been less than relaxing, but Skye Boyd née Denison is still high on marital bliss with her new husband, Wally. The fact that their family is about to get bigger is even more exciting, even if Skye is dealing with morning sickness—and trying to hide the news from her ever-meddling mother, May.

But Skye quickly comes crashing down from cloud nine when the body of one of her coworkers, science teacher and volleyball coach Blair Hucksford, is found in the school swimming pool. The troublesome trainer was on the bad side of almost everyone on staff and many of the girls on her team, leaving Skye to sort through a huge roster of suspects. Now she must figure out which wronged party was mad enough to kill, and quickly—before someone else in town gets bumped off. . .

A very enjoyable story with Skye after the honeymoon with a secret that will delight her family. Before that news can be given, a murder has occurred and despite the victim being a hateful person, all efforts are made to find a killer and I love her the author weaved the ins and out of gathering the clues to find a killer. The mystery was developed in a nice way to keep my interest throughout and as always I enjoy the friendly relationship between Skye and Trixie and I especially loved what Trixie called the duo. It was good to see the gang again and as always the dialogue in engaging and the cast continues to entertain me with their jovial self. I look forward to more exciting times with Skye, Wally and their friends.

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