My Musing ~ Smothered, Covered & Dead by Liz Lipperman

Smothered Covered and DeadSmothered, Covered & Dead by Liz Lipperman is the 5th book featuring Jordan McAllister. Publisher: The Story Vault, May 2015

Aspiring sportswriter Jordan McAllister never imagined she’d end up as a food critic for a small time newspaper. Writing the culinary column for the Ranchero Globe is a challenge, and even though she can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning it, she has no trouble finding herself in hot water.

When Rosie LaRue finds her ex in the apartment with her ice pick in his chest, Jordan knows that she and the Empire Apartments gang must act quickly to keep their friend out of jail. Despite the fact that the deceased has a long list of people who wanted him dead, things aren’t always what they seem, and Jordan ends up in the hands of a crazed killer, desperately searching for a way to stay alive.

You can always expect some excitement when Jordan and the gang find themselves in the middle of a police investigation and this one is a doozy when Rosie’s ex is murdered in her home. Knowing she is innocent, Jordan and Victor put on their sleuthing cap to find a killer. I loved how this whodunit was set up with fingers pointing to several suspects with the most obvious one surprising me in the end by their action. A good mystery with good dialogue and a lovable ensemble cast that kept me engaged throughout the telling of this story. I hope there are more adventures with Jordan and her friends forthcoming in this delightfully entertaining series.

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  1. Thank you Dru Ann.


  2. This looks sizzling 🙂 Thank you Dru Ann you Rock!


  3. Barbara Hackel

    I love this series! I can hardly wait to read this one. Thanks for telling me about it Dru! 🙂


  4. May I repeat, Dru Ann, “You rock!” Thanks for the review.