My Musing ~ Desperate for Death by Judy Alter

Desperate for DeathDesperate for Death by Judy Alter is the sixth book in the “Kelly O’Connell” mystery series. Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press, May 2015

Kelly is puzzled by arson, a young girl’s disappearance, two men using the same name, and a surprise inheritance, but she knows she has to make the pieces fit if she is to protect her family and all she holds dear.

Just when Kelly’s life has calmed, she faces yet another of life’s puzzles. Except the pieces in this one don’t fit. First the apartment behind her house is torched, then a string of bizarre “accidents” occur to set her off-balance. Who is stalking her? Where does the disappearance of a young girl and her disreputable boyfriend fit in? And why are two men using the same name? Is the surprise inheritance another part of the puzzle? At a time when she is most vulnerable, Kelly can’t make the pieces fit, but she knows she must protect her daughters. Before Kelly can get the whole picture, she helps the family of a hostage, rescues a kidnap victim and attends a wild and wonderful wedding.

Once again, Kelly is thrust into action when her family and friends are targeted by a deranged convict and this time Kelly has more to protect. I enjoyed this fast-paced and well written drama that continues to get better and better with a strong and determined heroine and a secondary cast that plays a pivotal role in the telling of this tale. It was fun watching this mystery played out with all the key elements that lead to a fulfilling finale and I especially enjoyed Keisha presence in this book. This is by far the best book in this series and I hope there are more to come in this engaging series.

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  1. sounds like a winner to me, ty for the chance


  2. Ohhh.,sounds exciting! Thanks, I will have to check these out!


  3. I’m looking forward to reading this book too! Love your work, Judy.


  4. MaryAnn Forbes

    This sounds like a great read.📖📚


  5. Mary Jane H

    This sounds like a wonderful book, thanks for telling us about it!