My Musing ~ Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses by Diane Kelly

Death, Taxes, and Cheap SunglassesDeath, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses by Diane Kelly is the 10th book in the “Tara Holloway” romantic mystery series. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway can calculate tax penalties to the penny. But seeing the world of white-collar crime through rose-colored glasses? Priceless.

Tara’s career comes with a lot of pros and cons–which is a nice way of saying that she’s kick-a$$ in her fight against professional con-artists. And she’s tough enough to deal with all the money-launderers, tax-evaders, and other such criminals who cross her path. . .Until her own boyfriend, Nick, joins their leagues. Now all bets are off.

Nick is about to go deep undercover–and the stakes are higher than Tara could have ever imagined. It’s all part of a joint task force with the DEA to bring down a powerful, violent drug cartel. It’s going to take more than a pair of dime store shades for Tara to bring their dark deeds to light. Can she help Nick without blowing his cover. . .and ending up in harm’s way herself?

I love this series. Tara is one gutsy heroine who takes her job as an IRS Special Agent and when she is on the case of a tax cheat, nothing will deter her, well maybe one or two will, until she catches her *man*. This fast paced and non-stop action drama entertained me from the first page grabbing my attention immediately. I love the style and format of how this story is presented, letting us feel what Tara feels as she goes about her daily job. From the art gallery to the toga party to the sanctuary, all of this had me quickly turning the pages to see what happens next. Adding the cheap sunglasses skits to the storyline was perfect. This was a great read and I can’t wait to see what cases Tara and her colleagues tackles next. I’m sure it will be a hoot.

3 responses to “My Musing ~ Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses by Diane Kelly

  1. Oh my goodness this is #8 in the series…don’t think I’m going to play catch-up with this one. 🙂


  2. This sounds like a great book. would love to read it.


  3. I just finished the first in this series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ready for the next installment – just ordered it. There’s action and fun and love and laughter too. (kind of reminds me of Stephanie Plum)