Bouchercon Moments

One of the main reasons why I love going to Bouchercon is the opportunity to visit other cities that I’ve always Bcon2011wanted to visit. In 2011, I attended my first Bouchercon in St. Louis and what I knew about St. Louis was the Cardinals, the Clydesdale horses and that Gateway Arch. Yes, my eyes were on going up that arch but when I got there and saw what I would have to sit in, the joy was just standing under the arch. Of course, it’s hanging out with the authors that bring me to this reader/fan convention. I love my author sightings when I see an author or two or three or four or hundreds. In addition, you know where to find us….at the bar.

My second Bouchercon was in Cleveland in 2012 and I was excited because one of the places we were going to see was Bcon2012the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I arrived one day early and took the train in and lucky for me because that’s where I met Ingrid Willis, the organizer of this year’s Bouchercon in Long Beach. As my normal, my friend and I went to the aquarium and then took the 2-hour Lolly the Trolley tour where we saw the Flats, Downtown, The Warehouse District, Ohio City, The Gateway District, Playhouse Square, Millionaire’s Row, The Cleveland Play House, the Cleveland Clinic, the museums and institutions of University Circle, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens & City Greenhouse, the Lake Erie Shoreline and North Coast harbor. And as always, it is having an author sighting and hanging with the authors in the lounge or bar area.

My third Bouchercon was last year in Albany NY. Again, I arrived early and went on a tour of the State Trooper’s Bcon2013facility, which was fun, especially the DNA lab. I didn’t do much sightseeing there, but the architecture on several of the buildings was amazing. The convention was held in the EGG and some of my memorable moments were pre-B’con dinner with Susan Boyer, Matthew Clemens and Eleanor Jones waking up early to have breakfast with me and dining alfresco on truck food with Ovidia Yu. Of course, the bar and lounge area was the happening place.

I’m looking forward to my fourth Bouchercon held in Long Beach. I can’t wait to go on the Queen Mary tour and bcon14-logoperhaps explore some of Los Angeles tourist attractions. Anyway, it will be having that first author sighting of B’con that will put a smile on my face and the friendly screams and hugs that envelopes me as the authors begin to fill the hotel and convention hall.

What is your Bouchercon moment?

You can join all the Bouchercon 2014 fun this November 13-16 in Long Beach, California. The Guests of Honor are J.A. Jance, Edward Marston and Jeffery Deaver and the Toastmaster is Simon Woods.


10 responses to “Bouchercon Moments

  1. It sounds as if you have a great time no matter where you go. Enjoy the West Coast and take us along with you please. (on your blog).


  2. Maureen Hayes

    Sounds like you have a blast each year! I wish I could afford to go, but I hope you will tell us all about it when you return.


  3. Nancy Roessner

    I love following your conventions on FB! The more author sightings you have, the better for me.


  4. Like you, I had a great time over the years visiting cities I’d have never gone to otherwise because of Bouchercon. Madison and Milwaukee were two of my favorites. The last one I went to was in San Francisco. Unfortunately, even though I live in California, I’m not going to make it to Long Beach this year. You’ll have a great time–and the Queen Mary is wonderful, you’ll love it.


  5. Vicki Lemonds

    I remember riding the tram up the Gateway Arch when I was a kid. What an experience! It was not a smooth ride. 🙂


  6. Cynthia E. Blain

    So happy for you to be able to experience this traveling and to meet the authors that you write about in your blogs. Sounds like you enjoy every place that you go, and that would be me too. I love to see and go to something that I have never seen or gone to previously and appreciate the architecture in each city so much, never mind the sightseeing and the great tours. Hope that you can go early and stay after the convention to be able to soak up more of the CA fun and points of interest in the area. Have a great time, Dru.



  7. Dru Ann, I went up in the Arch at B’con St. Louis, and the view was shrouded by clouds and rain, so you didn’t miss a lot! I also enjoy visiting cathedrals when I travel to a new city, esp since most of the cons are in downtowns, where cathedrals tend to be. The old train station in St. Louis is a marvel! But of course, the best part is meeting new friends — like you!


  8. I haven’t ever been, Dru! I hope to make it one of these days. It’s a great idea to combine sightseeing with the conference!


  9. Hi Dru ~ Looking forward to seeing you again in Long Beach ~ I think you’ll love seeing the Pacific Ocean and all the sights!