Red Man Down by Elizabeth Gunn

Red Man DownRed Man Down by Elizabeth Gunn is the fifth book in the “Sarah Burke” mystery series. Publisher: Severn House Publishers, May 2014

Sarah Burke’s Saturday off is interrupted when she is called to a shooting – a rookie cop has been involved in a shootout with a criminal stealing copper wire from a warehouse. When the criminal in question turns out to be ex-cop and Red Man Ed Lacey, Sarah is shocked. The evidence suggests he wanted the cop to shoot him. But why?

Sarah and her team delve into Ed’s life, and soon decide to re-open an investigation into three deaths. The more they investigate, the more obstacles they encounter – particularly from the family, who quickly close ranks. What are they hiding?

This was a very enjoyable drama where Sarah and her team work a case that involves the death of a police officer and once that can of worms is opened, this investigation take an unusual turn. Someone is hiding something which leads to more death and it’s the painstakingly story that keeps my attention that I couldn’t stop reading until I knew who was behind these deaths. The author did a great job in telling this story and putting me right in the middle of all the action with Sarah and her guys. Everyone is back and I can’t wait for the next book in this terrific series.

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  1. Going to look for this one!