My Musing ~ Murder on Consignment by Susan Furlong Bolliger

Murder on ConsignmentMurder on Consignment by Susan Furlong Bolliger is the second book in the “Pippi O’Brien” mystery series. Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing, December 2013

Anxious to acquire some killer deals for her on-line resale business, Pippi O’Brien enlists the help of her long-time shopping buddy, Shep Jones. However, they get more than they bargain for when the owner of a local consignment store, The Classy Closet, turns up murdered and Shep becomes the number one suspect. When Shep asks for Pippi’s help to clear his name, she is only too eager to take on the case. Before long, she’s searching for suspects with the same enthusiasm that she uses to scour clearance racks for good deals. Only, she quickly finds out that it’s difficult to maintain a booming resale business while playing detective.

Adding to the stress, Pippi is recruited as a stand-in maid of honor for her cousin’s pending nuptials and soon finds herself stretched tighter than her poor-fitting bridesmaid dress. To make matters worse, wedding bells are also chiming for ex-boyfriend, Detective Sean Panelli, and the uber-possessive Sarah Maloney. Will Pippi be able to keep her cool, nab a killer and perhaps even reclaim her man? Or, will she find herself next on the list of bargains to die for?

I love a book that slaps of slapstick. This fast-paced whodunit quickly became a page-turner and was very enjoyable. The tone is light and the non-stop action keeps you hopping from one scene to the next until it all comes out in the end, and what an ending it was. The author did a good job in keeping the mystery light while adding infusions of comedic antics. This was a fun read and I hope there are more adventures with Pippi and her friends in this engagingly entertaining series.

5 responses to “My Musing ~ Murder on Consignment by Susan Furlong Bolliger

  1. Maureen Hayes


    This sounds like a delightful, light read that would make for a fun day. Thanks for letting us know about it.



  2. This one sounds like a fun read!


  3. Susan, this sounds like such a charming cozy! Definitely adding it to my TBR list.


  4. Cynthia E. Blain

    This is another new author and possible series that I had not heard about, but will be willing to check out and read sometime. Just cannot believe how many new books are out and how they all sound so inviting and yet time doesn’t multiply like the books seem to do. 🙂 Thank you once again for letting us know about this fun sounding book, Dru.



  5. I am adding this to my TBR pile right now.
    It sounds like a great beach read.