Chicken Caccia-Killer by Liz Lipperman

Chicken Caccia KillerChicken Caccia-Killer by Liz Lipperman is the fourth book in the “Clueless Cook/Jordan McAllister” mystery series. Publisher: Liz Lipperman, December 2013

Forced to fight to keep her job as the culinary reporter at the Ranchero Globe, Jordan covers the International Italian Festival coming to town. But along with the festivities and great Italian food, she must deal with meeting her boyfriend Alex’s mother and sister for the first time.

When an arrogant Italian playboy falls to his death from a suite at a swanky hotel during a pre-festivities party and Alex’s sister Kate is charged with his murder, Jordan springs into action to find clues that could prove her innocence. But the real killer doesn’t appreciate that she is getting too close. Can Jordan and her motley crew of friends stay one step ahead and catch a killer before she becomes the next victim?

I’m so happy that Liz is continuing this series, where Jordan, our spunky heroine whose favorite meal is fast food, writes a culinary column in the local paper. While on assignment, she finds herself embroiled in a murder when her boyfriend’s sister become a prime suspect and this is when the fun begins in this entertaining and engaging whodunit. Wherever Jordan goes, trouble follows in a humorous way as Jordan and her friend get the clues necessary to bring a killer to justice. This is one of the best book in this delightfully charming series and I look forward to the next culinary endeavors with Jordan and the gang at the Empire Apartments.

5 responses to “Chicken Caccia-Killer by Liz Lipperman

  1. Love the storyline of this book….mystery, food, exciting characters….all yummy in life! Thank you for the opportunity to read this book by Liz.


  2. Sounds like another fun series you have found for us. Thanks


  3. I am currently reading “Murder for the Halibut” it is a Great series! I actually won this book! It is on my list to be read.Great Author!


  4. Truly enjoy this series and look forward to reading this latest one! Thanks for the positive review & recommendation.


  5. This sounds like a really fantastic novel and will add this to my list of what books to order in 2014. The list is long and time is short for reading lately, but I keep my list going as someday I hope to have unlimited reading time and can get caught up with all the great books.

    Happy New Year to everyone.