All Fudged Up by Nancy Coco

All Fudged UpAll Fudged Up by Nancy Coco is the first book in the new “Candy-Coated” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, November 2013

Welcome to the Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop–where life is sweet, revenge is sweeter, and murder is here to to stay.

You Can’t Fudge An Alibi

Allie McMurphy is up to her neck in renovations at the grand old hotel that’s been in her family for generations. With its quaint Victorian charm–and world-famous fudge shop–the place is one of Mackinac Island’s most beloved landmarks.

Sure, every family has a skeleton or two in the closet. But Allie didn’t expect to find an actual corpse inside hers, especially one Joe Jessup, who had a long-running feud with her dear departed grandfather. Which makes Allie the number-one suspect.

Can she sniff out the culprit before another victim checks in?

This is a good read. Allie returns to continue running the family business which is marred when she discovered the body in her utility closet. Becoming the prime suspect, Allie begins to look for a killer while trying to save her family’s name and reputation. This was very enjoyable with a comfortable tone and an easy flowing storyline. Allie is a lovable protagonist surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters that support her in this delightfully charming whodunit that includes delectable fudge recipes. The author did a great job in keeping the mystery fresh and fulfilling with plenty of suspects and it was fun to watch it all play out in a great location. I love Allie’s interactions with the various people on the island and the dialogue was both witty and entertaining. This is a great debut series and I can’t wait for more sweet adventures with Allie and her friends.

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4 responses to “All Fudged Up by Nancy Coco

  1. Must look for this one…


  2. This looks like a terrific read, Nancy! Love all the plays on words, ESPECIALLY the title! Can’t wait to read this one!


  3. Thanks, Heather!
    Hi Gram!
    I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Cheers~N


  4. Love the title! In Michigan, Mackinac Island fudge is famous, as you know. I’ll have to be sure to have some on hand while I read this book. On second thought…that might be deadly. Or fattening.