A Custom-Fit Crime by Melissa Bourbon

Custom Fit CrimeA Custom-Fit Crime by Melissa Bourbon is the 4th book in the “Magical Dressmaking” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, July 2013

After a year of hard work in her Texas hometown, Harlow Jane Cassidy’s dreams are finally within reach—if she can just get it all done in time.

Harlow’s designs will be featured in a big magazine spread, but she only has a few days to finalize her collection. Plus she’s busy helping to plan her mother’s upcoming wedding, playing host to her old friend Orphie, and avoiding a competitive Dallas designer set on stealing Harlow’s ideas. Harlow’s making it all work—until someone breaks into Buttons & Bows and the rival designer is found dead.

But when a near miss makes it clear that Orphie could be the next victim, Harlow will have to untangle the threads of evidence if she wants to save her friend, her mother’s wedding, and her business from becoming fashion road kill.

Her mama’s wedding and a magazine spread featuring her designs awaits Harlow until the death of a designer in her shop wrecks havoc on those plans. Fearing the outcome, Harlow sets out to find a killer before a killer finds her.

This was a great read that I enjoyed immensely. From the first bang on the door, to the arrival of the designer, to the wedding, to meemaw’s messages, this murder mystery had me quickly turning the pages to see what happens next and once I turned that page, I could not put it down. The author did a good job with the clues that were given that kept me on my game in search of the killer’s identity. I love seeing the people that inhabits Bliss, Texas, especially Harlow’s family with their own blend of magical charms. I can’t wait to read the next book in this delightfully enchanting series.

2 responses to “A Custom-Fit Crime by Melissa Bourbon

  1. From the description of this book, it surely sounds like one that I would love to read too. So much fun to have such varying occupations of the books for diversity. Thanks for the great review once again.


  2. mary robinson

    Another new author to me that I am going to definitely have to read. Thanks, Dru!