Thread and Buried by Janet Bolin

thread and buriedThread and Buried by Janet Bolin is the third book in the “Threadville” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, June 2013

In Threadville, Pennsylvania, known for its textile art courses and shops, everyone’s stories are connected by a common thread—even the ones ending in murder.

Every town has a legend. For Threadville, it’s the story of Snoozy Gallagher, the hotel owner who disappeared thirty years ago with a bag full of stolen jewelry, never to be heard from again. That is, until now—when Snoozy’s loot is discovered buried behind Willow Vanderling’s embroidery shop In Stitches.

When villagers mysteriously become ill, and a body shrouded in materials from Threadville shops appears in the exact spot where the treasure was—along with two abandoned kittens—Willow needs answers. The random events are too coincidental to be unrelated, but Willow will have to act quickly to unravel the deadly mystery, or she might get tangled up as the killer’s next victim.

I love this series which like fine wine, gets better as it goes along. The whole gang is back in the funstastic read that started with a jewelry box with a past that someone in the present will do anything to keep it that way. I love the way the story flows from chapter to chapter as Willow and Haylee, as usual, get involved in the investigation. This is a great story that I could not put down and I look forward to more crime solving in the next book in this charmingly appealing series.

6 responses to “Thread and Buried by Janet Bolin

  1. I’ve read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the review on this one, it sounds really interesting!


  2. Debra Woloson

    Have read the first book more than once & got sick when the 2nd one came out. But I just got it the other day & can’t wait to read this one now.


  3. I’ve read all the others in this series and now I will get this one as well. This is such a well written series and I am glad there is a new one out to enjoy.


  4. Have not read any of these books, but I have now add all 3 to my amazon wish list & to be read. Going to be keeping my library, busy. Hope that they be able to get them for me.


  5. I’m thready to read this one.


  6. After having read book 1 in this series, I am sure that book 2 and this third book are just as wonderful. Janet is a very talented author and you just feel as though you can see everything that she talks about as if you were there yourself. Very believable characters with a little edge to them in my opinion.
    Will be ordering the latest book soon, and finishing up book 2 which I began a while back. So many great authors and not enough time to read all that I want to.