A Day Away from the Racetrack with Kate Reilly by Tammy Kaehler

Braking PointsI sat with a tall, cold beer at the end of the day, feeling like I’d earned it. I shook my head at myself, relieved, disgusted, and amused. Exhausted, too.

I’d been putting off the project for weeks, and after long-distance threats from my best friend, Holly Wilson, I’d sworn to tackle it today. The best I could say is I’d gotten through it, but I didn’t think I could claim great success.

“Holly,” I said aloud, “I can hear you telling me practice will make perfect.” I sighed and took another slug of my Chama River Jackalope IPA. “But I promise you, pigs will fly first.”

The rest of the day hadn’t been so bad. After a protein-rich breakfast, I’d done a heavy strength workout with a trainer at a local gym, upping my bench press record to five pounds over my body weight. Another snack, then a ten mile run through the New Mexico summer—good training for the 100-plus degree temps I sometimes had to deal with in the Corvette racecar’s cockpit.

Then I’d forced myself to sit down and respond to a variety of e-mail requests and tweets. I still wasn’t good at the social media thing, but I was learning.

But I’d only been putting off the worst. The inevitable. The practicing with makeup.

I mean, really? Me, Kate Reilly, racecar driver and lifelong tomboy, expert at makeup? I still didn’t understand why a major worldwide beauty company had chosen me as one of their representatives—sure, I got the focus on mostly unknown female athletes. But wouldn’t you think they’d prefer someone actually familiar with cosmetics? Apparently not, since they’d ended up with me and five other women—all of us more used to sweating than to primping.

But at least I hadn’t looked like a clown today. Holly assured me of that, after I snapped a phone photo of my efforts and sent it to her. I wasn’t too thrilled with how I did look—and we won’t go into my botched attempt at a smoky eye … raccoons come to mind—but I supposed I was getting better.

The best part? How easily foundation, concealer, blush, three colors of eye shadow, eye liner, brow gel, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick all washed right back off. I caught sight of myself in the glass of the sliding door and smirked at my scrubbed-clean face. That was the Kate I was used to: more racecar driver than supermodel.

I’d done enough for one day. I toasted my reflection and polished off the beer.

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You can read more about Kate in Braking Points, the second book in the “Kate Reilly” mystery series. The first book in the series is Dead Man’s Switch.

Meet the author
Tammy Kaehler’s freelance writing career landed her in the world of automobile racing, which inspired her with its blend of drama, competition, and welcoming people. Her debut, Dead Man’s Switch, was praised by mystery fans as well as racing insiders; she takes readers back behind the wheel in Braking Points, the second Kate Reilly Racing Mystery. Tammy works as a technical writer in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and many cars. Visit Tammy at www.tammykaehler.com, on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. This is a new to me author – would love to read. thanks for having this contest.


  2. Kathy Gonzales

    This series sounds interesting , would love to win a copy !


  3. Sounds like a fun book…count me in, Dee


  4. Nancy Roessner

    I can relate to not being great at using makeup, but race car driving is something completely unfamiliar. It’ll be fun to read this book. Kate Reilly sounds like a spunky woman!


  5. Thanks, all! Hope you win and enjoy!


  6. Lisa Garrett

    Wow. A day in the life. I would love to read this.


  7. Never a tomboy but I don’t use make up very much. So I really get that! Race Car driving is a new thing to explore! Would love to read it.


  8. Trying a comment again. Thanks, all, for reading and commenting! I wish each of you could win. 🙂


  9. Dru, you come up with the best new books.. I’d love to win a copy of this book and share it with my partner.



  10. Thank you Dru, it seems like Tammy came up with a wonderful new addition to mysteries! I’d love a copy!


  11. Makeup and racing cars. What a combo. Would like to check this out. Thanks for the contest, Dru and Tammy. judydee22002@yahoo dot com


  12. I still don’t know how to use makeup—guess I’m still a tomboy. But I’d sure like to have a cold beer with you.


  13. Darlene Peterson

    I would like to be included in this giveaway. Thank you.


  14. As I love NASCAR this sounds like a great read!




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