Murder By Chance by Pat Dennis

murder by chanceMurder By Chance by Pat Dennis is the first book in the new “Betty Chance” mystery series. Publisher: Forty Press, March 2013

Can three scrappy, single women of varied ages find happiness in a new travel business specializing in casino junkets? All bets off when Betty Chance finds a body in a tour bus that arrives at the casino hotel. At fifty, Betty is unemployed, divorced and penniless, but with her stunningly beautiful niece Lori, she opens Take A Chance Tours, a Chicago-based company specializing in gaming destinations. Betty quickly becomes close friends with Tillie, the perky, effervescent bus driver who happens to be an ex-con. As soon as the tour bus arrives at Moose Lake Bay Resort and Casino in northern Minnesota, Betty and her driver Tillie, discover a dead body in the locked bathroom of their motor coach. The 350-pound corpse is riddled with stab wounds. With Tillie and Lori’s help, Betty puts her amateur sleuth ability to work and searches for the killer.

This is an engaging romp where slots are ringing and murder is served buffet-style. With a good start, this book picks up speed as the duo team of Betty and Tillie with Lori bringing up the rear travel to Moose Lake Bay casino where someone is trying to implicate them in a series of misdeeds. Using skills Betty learned while married to a cop and using skills Tillie learned in prison, this duo is unstoppable and not even a chase, which was hilarious, and a million bucks will deter their efforts in catching a killer. A good read and I’m looking forward to the next road trip with Take A Chance Tours.

FTC Disclosure – I bought this book.

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3 responses to “Murder By Chance by Pat Dennis

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I’m adding it to my shopping list. 🙂


  2. Good grief, what a cast of characters! Sounds like fun. I’m going to have to find this new series.


  3. Will have to read this one!