Grace Among Thieves by Julie Hyzy

Grace Among Thieves by Julie Hyzy is the third book in the “Manor House” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, June 2012

As curator and manager of the Marshfield Manor, Grace Wheaton is delighted to be part of the estate’s magnificent history, but no one told her solving murder was in her job description.

When Grace’s former professor calls to warn her that there have been a rash of thefts at various historical sites, Grace isn’t surprised—because Marshfield Manor has been targeted, too. She wonders if it has something to do with the film crew roaming the grounds, digitally immortalizing the manor, but then she gets distracted by an incident much more dire: the shooting of one guest and the murder of another.

Grace does her best not to go looking for trouble, but with a murderer on the loose, she can’t seem to leave the dirty work to the cops—especially since the killer still seems to be lurking around town, waiting to finish the job of making Grace history.

Someone is stealing items from Marshfield Manor and things go from bad to worse when a guest is murdered and another shot. Grace captures the killer on film and soon becomes a target herself and will have to use long dormant skills to slice this case open.

Julie has done it again; she’s written a great story that showcases the strength and moxie of Grace Wheaton as she investigates thefts and another murder at Marshfield Manor. The author did a good job in fleshing out this mystery with plenty of diversion that kept my attention as I could not put this book down. This was an excellent read and I can’t wait for what happens next at Marshfield Manor in this enjoyably pleasant series.

6 responses to “Grace Among Thieves by Julie Hyzy

  1. I have the first in this series and need to get busy reading it.


  2. Lynette Kutzke

    I received bookmarks from Julie promoting her Grace series. I’m really thrilled to be able to now read Grace Among Thieves since I have been gazing at the wonderful cover of the book as I use the bookmark.


  3. Fun series!


  4. I have been keeping up with both of the series that Julie Hyzy writes and both are fabulous. I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest Manor House mystery. Thanks for the heads up!


  5. I’m reading this now and so far I love it.


  6. I have this, but I’ve been waiting until the library has it so I can count it for the Summer Reading. Glad to hear its as good as her usual.