Silenced by the Yams by Karen Cantwell

Silenced by the Yams by Karen Cantwell is the third book in the “Barbara Marr” murder mystery series. Publisher: Books on the Green, February 2012

What’s more chaotic than a house with a canary, two hungry cats, and a yappy poodle with elimination issues? Answer: Barbara Marr on a murder investigation. That’s right, when Barb attends her first movie review screening, film director Kurt Baugh dies within twenty minutes of meeting her. If that isn’t bad enough, her friend, ex-Mafioso, Frankie Romano, is arrested for the murder. In usual Barbara Marr fashion, a whole load of trouble ensues when she seeks to vindicate Frankie of the crime. More laughs, more fun, more Barbara Marr!

This third book in the popular Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series brings Barb out of the suburbs and into the slimy, urban world of bright lights, nightly news, and drive-by shootings. Luckily, she never loses her sense of humor or her ability to befriend some decidedly quirky characters.

There is never a dull moment when life gets in the way of Barbara Marr. This is a hilarious, fun-filled romp as Barbara finds herself in situations that can only happen on her watch as a dinner turns into murder, and when her friend is arrested, Barbara is determined to prove his innocence, even when faced with danger. The lovable and quirky cast is back in this wonderfully-crafted and fast-paced mystery. This was an enjoyable read in this pleasingly entertaining series and I can’t wait to see what adventures await Barbara and the gang.

3 responses to “Silenced by the Yams by Karen Cantwell

  1. Not sure I’ve heard of this author or series before now, so went over to see what was available for the Nook and found the first in the series for 99 cents. Will start tonight I think.


  2. This sounds like a real treat of a read 🙂 Thanks for sharing looking forward to the adventure.


  3. Haven’t heard of this series but it sounds like a good read. Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the post!