A Day In The Life Of Faye Longchamp by Mary Anna Evans

When Dru asked me to write a blog entry about a day in the life of my series heroine, Faye Longchamp, I had a moment of deja vu. Had I already done this? Then I realized that I was remembering the opening paragraph of my fourth novel, FINDINGS:

“A good day at work typically left Faye Longchamp covered in sweat, rain, dust, dirt, or mud, depending on weather conditions. A more tedious day at work found her sitting in climate-controlled surroundings, clean and comfortable, surrounded by very dirty things. This, unfortunately, had been one of those tedious days.”

Faye loves her work. If pressed, she’d admit that she even loves the tedious parts. People respond to her passion for archaeology and history and the real people who used the artifacts she digs up. Archaeology makes a good background for a mystery novel, because every day is a treasure hunt…except when you’re stuck inside updating your field notes or cleaning your finds or managing your subcontractors.

Fortunately, in Faye’s little world, I am God, so I can make even those things interesting. In FINDINGS, murdering thugs inexplicably steal those boring field notes and the clump of dirt around a newfound artifact conceals a big honkin’ emerald. And in my brand-new book PLUNDER, Faye’s boring managerial work turns ominous when a job applicant turns out to be a treasure hunter with an unhealthy interest in her bright and appealing 16-year-old babysitter, Amande. Before the book is done, Amande has told us her dead grandmother’s pirate stories and stood toe-to-toe with a killer, and Faye has run to her rescue, trying to figure out how she’s supposed to save an endangered adolescent while she has an infant strapped to her own back.

Killers, excitement, mud, adventure, the thrill of the treasure hunt, and endless paperwork…it’s all in a day’s work for Faye Longchamp.

Meet the author
Mary Anna Evans is a licensed chemical engineer who writes mystery novels. She has worked as a mall gift wrapper, a college instructor, an environmental consultant, a tutor, and an offshore roustabout. She isn’t sure any two days at work have ever been the same for her. Her seventh Faye Longchamp mystery, PLUNDER, is being released in March to advance notices like this one from KIRKUS REVIEWS: “…delightfully erudite…”. Previous books in the series were ARTIFACTS, RELICS, EFFIGIES, FINDINGS, FLOODGATES, STRANGERS, and PLUNDER. Visit Mary Anna at www.maryannaevans.com

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4 responses to “A Day In The Life Of Faye Longchamp by Mary Anna Evans

  1. Good grief! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock! How in the world have I missed this series? It sounds great and I’m going to definitely put it on my book list. Thanks for the post!


  2. Everything sounds familar to me except the titles. LOL. I’ll have to start at the beginning, I guess.


  3. I’m currently reading this book on my Kindle, and loving it! I really appreciate how Faye’s character has developed over the series.


  4. ooh, another new find. Thanks Dru for bringing these authors to our attention.