Old Haunts by E.J. Copperman

Old Haunts by E.J. Copperman is the third book in the “Haunted Guesthouse” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), February 2012

Alison Kerby’s guesthouse already had two resident ghosts. But now, the past is coming to visit. Make your reservation early.

There’s nothing quite as mournful as a gloomy ghost—and Alison has a pair of sad spirits, Maxie and Paul, haunting her Jersey Shore guesthouse. Maxie wants to know who murdered her ex-husband, a biker named Big Bob, whose remains have just been discovered two years later. Paul, pining for his still-living almost-fiancée, wants Alison to track her down and make sure she’s okay.

The only one who isn’t missing her ex is Alison—because The Swine has waltzed back into her life, specifically into her guesthouse, and is trying to win back their ten-year-old daughter, Melissa. He says he wants to get back together, but Alison knows him too well. The only question is: What is he really up to?

I love this series. The past comes back to haunt Alison, Maxie and Paul and when asked to solve a murder and look for an old friend, Alison does her best to help her ghostly friends and the journey to the end was filled with amusing exploits. This fast-paced and well-written whodunit was a fun read that I could not put down. This was a good mystery as the ending caught me by surprise. With a wonderful cast, entertaining and witty dialogue, Old Haunts is the best one yet in this delightfully charming series.

3 responses to “Old Haunts by E.J. Copperman

  1. Nancy Roessner

    I must get into this series. I’ve heard good things about it and your review cinches it, Dru.


  2. This series has been on my book list forever. I do believe it’s time to move it to the top of the list! Thanks for the nudge and the great review!


  3. this is the best one yet (even though I did guess the murderer’s identity early on). Better even than Jeff’s “double feature” mystery series that had an all too short run.