The Last Word by Ellery Adams

The Last Word by Ellery Adams is the third book in the “Books by The Bay” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), December 2011

Olivia Limoges and the Bayside Book Writers are excited about Oyster Bay’s newest resident: bestselling novelist Nick Plumley, who’s come to work on his next book, but finds himself caught in a deadly ending.

The arrival of Nick Plumley has sent shivers of excitement throughout Oyster Bay. Especially since rumors has it that the Booker Prize winner is thinking about putting down roots here. No one is more thrilled than Olivi and her fellow members when Plumley drops by the first writer’s group meeting at Harris’s new house. But why is Plumley more interested in poking around the lovely bungalow than in discussing the craft of fiction?

Not long after, Olivia stops by Plumley’s rental–and finds that he’s been strangled to death. Her instincts tell her that something from the past came back to haunt him, but she never expects that the investigation could spell doom for one of her dearest friends.

An author’s arrival in town leads to his murder and when Olivia and the team search for clues, they know they will have to uncover the past in order to find a killer. WOW! They say it’s the words that bring a story to life and in The Last Word that is just what the author achieved. So much emotion in each and every scene that when I neared the end, the tears shed, would not stop. This book boasts among other things, a great mystery, extraordinary friendships, an incredible cast of characters and a pleasant atmosphere that I look forward to on my yearly visits to Oyster Bay. This is the best book, thus far, in this wonderfully charismatic and mesmerizing series.

6 responses to “The Last Word by Ellery Adams

  1. I love the series, especially the friendship that exists in the writer’s group. I just place a hold on it at the local library. They only ordered it this week.


  2. I read this book in two days and even read the short excerpt of the next book in the series. I love this series so much that I feel I am right in the middle of Oyster Bay! I want to be part of the writers’ group. I love that Olivia can help so many of her townspeople and that she found her half brother and family. I absolutely love that she is finding love with Sheriff Rawlings. There is no part of the story that I do not love.


  3. I loved the first in this series and would love to win this. I would want it for Kindle .



  4. i love this series, thanks for the review and the chance to win the book. (kindle)


  5. I heard that my friend makes an appearance and have now moved it up my TBR pile.


  6. contest is closed.