A Killer Column by Casey Mayes

A Killer Column by Casey Mayes is the second book in the “Mystery By The Number” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), August 2011

Savannah Stone has always known her numbers. So it’s only natural that she makes a living creating puzzles for logic lovers. But when murder is factored into the equation, logic is what leads her to the killer.

Savannah has a conundrum. Derrick Duncan, her puzzle editor and syndicator, is terminating their working relationship. To finally be free of Derrick’s abusive conduct and air-tight contract should be a cause for celebration, but he’s sold Savannah’s column to a syndicate. She greets this news with a very ugly–and very public–reaction.

Once her cooler head has prevailed, Savannah returns to Derrick to apologize–only to find he’s been stabbed to death. The police are already looking at her as the prime suspect, but Savannah knows that Derrick’s temperament was legendary and that she wasn’t the only puzzle maker to cross words with him.

This was a good read. Savannah and her husband make a good sleuthing team and in this case, it’s Savannah’s name that needs to be cleared when she is found near her ex-boss’ murdered body. With help from her college roommate, the trio begins their own investigation. This was a good mystery with a great plot and lovable characters. The bonus of three puzzle games (two of which I aced) added to the enjoyable series and I can’t wait to spend more time with the Stone family.

Casey Mayes is the pseudonym of Tim Myers

2 responses to “A Killer Column by Casey Mayes

  1. Another new series???? Thank you, I’ve just added it to my wish list. LOL


  2. I have 3 subscriptions to Logic Puzzles and have been doing them for years – they are my very favorites! I’ve now add this series to my wish list.