A Day In The Life Of Willow Vanderling by Janet Bolin

I’m Willow Vanderling. I own a dream-come-true machine embroidery shop.

It’s on a slope in the village known as Threadville, and I don’t have far to commute each day—my apartment is underneath the shop. A hunky guy named Clay did the renovations, but that’s another story.

First thing on a typical day, I let my dogs, Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho out to play in my back yard. These nice warm days, we have most of our meals out there, too.

The Threadville tour bus arrives shortly after all the needlecraft and textile arts shops open. Women pour into the shops to browse, buy, and take courses. Recently, the other Threadville proprietors and I hired an assistant, so now I can take a relaxed lunch with my dogs.

We have more workshops and classes in the afternoons. After my customers leave, I tidy the shop for the next day.

Dinner is either with my dogs or with my best friend Haylee and sometimes we join her three mothers, who are marvelous cooks.

Except for Fridays, when I go to Storytelling Night at Tell a Yarn, I spend evenings working on embroidery. Often, I’m commissioned to create a design, a picture of someone’s vacation cottage or pet, for instance. Sometimes those customers want me to stitch it for them, but more and more people own their own embroidery machines and I send them the file, and they can stitch the motif as many times and in as many color combinations as they want.

I’m living my dream, surrounded by the latest in sewing and embroidery machines, software, and gadgets. If I need something else, all I have to do is cross the street to one of the other Threadville shops.

But dreams can always be improved. There’s this hunky builder named Clay . . .

Welcome to Threadville!
You can read more about Haylee and her mothers and how they helped Willow catch a murderer in DIRE THREADS, the first book in the “Threadville” mystery series. The second book in the series, THREADED FOR TROUBLE, featuring a “killer” sewing machine that lives up to its name, will appear in stores in June, 2012.

Janet Bolin has lots of hobbies. I love reading, writing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and going on long walks with my dogs. I believe I want to make quilts. Sometimes I try to teach myself (not very successfully) how to play the piano. A few years ago, I discovered embroidering using software and high-tech sewing machines. I’m not certain that everything I own simply must be embroidered, but creating the designs is really, really fun. And they’d go so well on crazy quilts.

I live way out in the country, a long drive from stores that sell supplies for people who like to create and embellish their own textiles and garments. Visit Janet at http://threadvillemysteries.com, on Facebook or on Twitter @JanetBolin.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

3 responses to “A Day In The Life Of Willow Vanderling by Janet Bolin

  1. Thanks, Dru, for letting Willow chat today!


  2. You’vd made the whole thing intriguing, but your best hook, for me, is Haylee and her three mothers. And Willow, I love the names of your dogs!


    • Thanks, Kaye! Of course I shorten the dogs’ names to Sally and Tally. Not that it matters. They go everywhere together, so if I call one of them, the other comes.