Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews

Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews is the 12th book in the “Meg Langslow” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, July 2010

Meg’s expecting twins—any minute!—in this next hilarious entry in the award-winning, New York Times bestselling series!

Meg is eight and a half months pregnant with twins when Michael asks if she wouldn’t mind another houseguest. One of his doctoral students is directing his new translation of a play by a minor Spanish playwright, and the playwright has agreed to come to town for the production.

Senor Mendoza turns out to be a drinker, a smoker, and an inveterate partygoer. Before long, Meg’s kitchen is filled with the smells of Spanish food and the voices of all the wilder souls in both the drama and Spanish departments. Into this chaos arrive two prune-faced administrators, the dean of the English department and a man from the college president’s office, who say that the play must be canceled.

When the dean is found murdered, Meg’s house becomes a crime scene, and the only way to restore peace is to help Chief Burke solve the murders—while rescuing the student’s dissertation and Michael’s tenure—all before dashing off to the hospital to give birth to her twins!

The one and only Donna Andrews continues to surprise and delight in this next knee-slapping adventure featuring Meg Langslow and all the eccentric characters that make up her world.

Poor Meg. She has a house full of people and is eight-months pregnant with twins and someone has killed the college dean in her home. The entire  family is back including her father, cousin and the many extras that inhabit her place and make their world filled with comical antics. I also loved the ever-changing names that Meg called her unborn twins. This was a fun read and very enjoyable mystery that puts a smile on my face every time I visit with Meg and her family and friends. My rating: 4 stars

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