Reel Murder by Mary Kennedy

Reel Murder by Mary Kennedy is the second book in the “Talk Radio” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian (Penguin), June 2010

Maggie is really getting into the swing of her daily radio show. She loves her new life in Cypress Grove, Florida, where she considers herself a Dr. Phil—minus the money and the fame. Unfortunately, she’s also minus the fans. So when a big movie company hits town, Maggie’s producer thinks a few exclusive on-set interviews could mean a ratings boost.

But no sooner does Maggie slip her way into a job as a script consultant than the leading lady ends up dead from a prop gun that’s been tampered with. With the help of sexy Detective Rafe Martino, Maggie discovers a bevy of behind-the-scenes secrets that could be motives for murder. Now she’d better find the killer before the credits roll—or it might be her own final performance.

Attending a movie set with her mother, Lola, Maggie is hired as a consultant on the script. While watching a scene involving a shooting, the actress is indeed shot, dead. Because Maggie doesn’t feel the prime suspect is guilty, Maggie investigates everyone on the set and discovers everyone has a motive to kill the actress. When she is threatened and then Lola, Maggie will pull out everything to solve this crime and it doesn’t hurt that the sexy and handsome detective is on the case. This was a very enjoyable read. My rating: 4 stars

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