Cheated By Death by L.L. Bartlett

Cheated By Death by L.L. Bartlett is the third book in the “Jeff Resnick” mystery series. Publisher: L.L. Bartlett, May 2010

In this third in the series, Jeff Resnick faces a new dilemma: someone is stalking his sister-in-law, Brenda, who fears that violence from pro-life supporters will escalate near the women’s clinic where she works. Or could the vandalism, threatening phone calls, and letters against her have come from her abusive ex-husband? Meanwhile, Jeff grapples with meeting his estranged father and the sister he never knew existed. Could Patty Resnick be the key to Brenda’s stalker? And what has that got to do with the death of his brother Richard’s colleague?

I wanted more Jeff Resnick and boy did the author deliver with a bang! The characters that I love are back and again, Jeff is in the thick of things trying to protect his loved ones. Who is trying to harm Brenda? Will Jeff’s ability be there for him? What about those dreams? All these questions kept me riveted to the pages until the last sentence. The author has a few surprises for us including an OMG! moment and the suspense was exhilarating. This is an awesome read and I can’t wait to read the next Jeff Resnick story. My rating: 5 stars

L.L. Bartlett is the pseudonym of Lorraine Bartlett who writes the “Victoria Square” mystery series and as Lorna Barrett, the New York Times best-selling “Booktown” mystery series.

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